Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just had to Comment

I read this and found it very interesting considering the recent developments on this show. It states how I feel about the entire matter. Years of watching that poor guy get treated like the family dog seem to have had the expected result, and I am amazed that folks are surprised at the out come.

Meanwhile, my prayers go out to those eight little ones...........with added prayers that the parents and TCL wake up and protect them. Oh wait, there is the large amount of cash involved. Hopefully the sponsors will realize that this is no place to showcase their products.....but then, there is that cash again.........

Should Jon & Kate Plus 8 Be Taken Off the Air?
This once-endearing show about raising twins and sextuplets has turned into a spectacle highlighting Kate's inability to handle the daily stress caused by her many hang-ups. Meanwhile, Discovery is essentially condoning her abusive tendencies...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


To my reader at sbcglobal.net network out of Springfield or Miller, Missouri,

I really am not planning on posting much in the near future, you can rest and go check out someone else for a while.

Still smiling here in AZ,

Your friend,