Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jewel Box Quilt

The sewing/spare bedroom looks like a hurricane hit, but it is creative mess. A few years ago, I bought some 6 inch batik squares on Ebay. I won two sets and I loved them. There weren't enough to make anything and they were small but there was a wonderful assortment of color and texture. Being the fabric addict that I am, I was content to take them out now and then, drink in their wonderfulness and enjoy them. During that time, I added a few batik remnants, a fat quarter here and there and there were some wonderful batik fat quarters in the fabric that I found at Goodwill. Still not what anyone would consider a "stash" of batik, but a great assortment.

Then I found this "Jewel Box" quilt pattern, and my batiks had found a home! (Sorry, but I can't get the link to work. It is from the About.com site) My great white hunter does not care for the black in this quilt, but I think it gives the punch needed to showcase each and every one of these lovely fabrics. It has also provided more practice on half square triangles, I WILL master those someday!

Here are the first two rows. All the units for the other blocks are sewn, so it just needs to be put together. It will have a black border and I will buy actual batik yardage for the back. (be still my heart!) Seriously thinking that this one will be a winter hand quilting project.

It is the first day of Fall and the TV says 99 degrees. We have planted fall tomatoes and cucumbers, flowers are next!

We are headed to the mountains this weekend for a quilt show, I am really looking forward to it, having gone to this one several years in a row. I will try to have pictures to post.

Finn asked for the date of my cataract surgery. It is the 30Th of this month. I have had my pre op appointment and have my eye drops and signed all the paper work. I am still not very comfortable with this whole thing, keep thinking about what the loss will be if it fails but trying hard to be positive. I love color so much and everyone says colors are brighter.......will concentrate on that for now. Thanks for asking, dear Finn!