Friday, January 12, 2007


Major frustration going on here. I am trying to add pictures to this blog and it is not happening. Not too wise when it comes to this computer thing although I try. Maybe some other day????

Really shouldn't be doing this anyway. We are headed to Tucson in the RV first thing in the morning for the quilt show and I am supposed to be getting things together. Oh well, how hard can it be to gather sox and underwear for a overnight stay? Got my debit card for the quilt show vendors, what else could I need! I am really excited about the show. This will be the third one we have gone down for and the other two were fun.

FOUR more strip blocks and the blocks are done! Whoohoo! Jan. is still with us and I have a quilt that is making progress. I was headed to Joann's tonight for the 50% off calico sale to get backing and maybe border fabric but we got the heavy rain that they have been forcasting for the last three days. Decided that I needed to keep my bottom right on the couch where it belongs. So maybe I can convince hubby to look for Joann's in Tucson. If not, I have a 40% coupon I can use next week.

I have found several quilt patterns in the last couple of days that are milling around in my head. Need to cut some squares or strips out of the collection of blue fabric that seems to have taken over my stash and see which one I like the best. I have always wanted to do a blue and yellow quilt but a lot of the blue is dark and not sure how that will work.


great week with grand kids

trip to the quilt show with hubby

cream of mushroom soup on a rainy night

sugar free cookies to have with my tea

quilt to cuddle under while I wait for my husband to come home tonight

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