Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here is the scrappy strip quilt that went in the RV before binding. I tie my quilts so no fancy quilting to show but someday there will be!!

Paris approves of the blue and yellow strip. This one went to my sister and I really had a hard time giving it up. It is by far the prettiest quilt I have made. I have lots of left over blue and yellow though so there is another one in my future I think. I am really hooked on strip quilts!!
Ok, who said you can't teach a old dog new tricks? I got the pictures in the post. Wow, I amaze myself sometimes. It just goes to show what good old fashioned "stick with it ness" does. Now if someone would just tell me how to reduce the size of that header sunflower, I would be set.............and could get off this computer and do some quilting!!
I am be slow but I am steady! LOL

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julieQ said...

Lovely yellow and blue quilt! How pretty, and kitty approved!