Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby Boom

Julia came home from school last week with exciting news. Her teacher told the class that she is expecting twins! She told them she was going to find out if she was having boys or girls, or one of each, and would tell them. Julia told DD that was good because then Nana would know what to make for them. Yesterday, the teacher told them she is having a boy and a girl. The Momma is taking Julia to pick out flannel for blankets. I just sew two pieces of flannel together and blanket stitch around them. They are great for Arizona, where a quilt is sometimes too much. We used them a lot with the grands.

Our nephew and his wife are expecting baby number four. This one follows three precious little boys and the entire family is hoping for a girl to round out their family. A co worker of DD is expecting a girl. A close friend of our daughter and son in law is expecting his first, and we are excited. They have all been friends since seventh grade, so he is almost one of the family.

I dug out my stash of flannel, the great white hunter sent me to buy more and the burp cloth marathon is in full swing, to be followed by the two layer flannel blankets and fleece blankets edged in the blanket stitch. I love the finished handmade look that the blanket stitching adds to these simple items. When gift giving time rolls around, we will be ready.

Here is a start, I have more cut out and waiting to be sewn together. The three in front will be ready to go after a light pressing.


Precious Quilts said...

OOOh these are so cute and practical!

Amelia said...

Your gifts will be ready when the babies cute and will be put to good use.

Finn said...

What a lucky quilter you are with a DH encouraging you to BUY more fabric...LOL The prints are just darling and will make beautiful blankets and burp cloths. You go girl! Hugs, Finn

Granny Lyn said...

How wonderful!! Nana-made gifts are always perfect!

They look so comfy for the new babies!

jovaliquilts said...

These are just adorable! I think these are often much snugglier than real quilts for babies anyhow, and so useful!