Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wash Out

We worry more about lack of rain in AZ than we do actually rain. It is routine to schedule outdoor weddings, birthday parties, sporting events, festivals and the like without so much as a back up plan for bad weather. Of course this sometimes backfires with Mother Nature being who she is. But, it does rain more in the higher elevations than here in the valley and when it is raining in the valley, it is most likely raining higher up. I know that, my family knows that.

We had planned picnic for a late birthday celebration for me. They had surprised me by us all going out to dinner the weekend after my birthday but we still planned on this trip. I bought hamburgers and brats and all the fixings. We loaded the car and met everyone for breakfast. The sky is full of gray clouds. The sky has been full of gray and sometimes black clouds for the last week. I said it was going to rain, NO one listened. We ate and loaded up for the trip north.

All was well until we got to the planned meeting place before heading for the lake. It was cloudy but the great white hunter assured me that the clouds were heading the other direction. DD and family were at the meeting spot when we got there but great white hunter son #2 was not. We waited awhile and then decided to go back and check to see if we could locate him. He was along side the road with his Jeep hood up, he had a engine light go on and things didn't feel right. Oh, and by this time, it had started to drizzle. My great white hunter helped him check things out and then son headed back to town. It is raining harder so we go to get DD and family. By the time we got back to them, it was raining so hard that you could not see two feet in front of the car. Hmmmm, guess who is doing a slow burn in the passenger seat?

We drove back to Payson, where it was not raining, by the way. We met up again with our son long enough for him to find a auto parts store, then went to the park in the middle of town where they have a great lake for the kids to fish in. All ended well with the kids getting to fish, Julia caught five tiny blue gills that they put right back in. With help from his great white hunter uncle, Colin caught two but he was more into the neat stuff Papa put in his tackle box. The rest of us hung out and enjoyed the lake and the lovely green grass at the park. The trip ended with lunch at our favorite resturant and a very special birthday gift for Nana.

The great white hunter and I had hamburgers yesterday and brats today. And, I never did say "I told you so!" but they knew............LOL

If you look really close, there is a fish there.

Here is a special picture of three of my favorite fishermen.


Teresa said...

So sorry your picnic got rained out and your son had car trouble, but looks like you had a nice day anyway. The lake is beautiful. I would love to just sit and gaze upon the water and forget everything else!

Amelia said...

Too bad about the "rain on your birthday parade"...how ever the words to the phrase goes. It could have been a lot worse - I suppose - but at least the little ones got to fish...you got to eat out - you were able to rescue son when he had car problems. Yes, I am proud of you that you did not remind all "I told you so".

Loved the pictures...seems more personable that way.

Gosh tomorrow is Wednesday...the week is half over...so enjoy the rest of it.


Carol VR said...

You failed to mention what your special birthday gift was.

Your not going to keep us hanging are you???

Rainma said...

Boy do I remember those trips. Perfectly hot weather down in the valley and we would drive to Pinetop for a camping/fishing week-end and it pour rain.
I am glad you still had a wonderful day in the end!

Finn said...

Hi Norma, sorry to be missing so much lately! I think of you every day for sure, but haven't made the rounds for awhile now.
As for the rain, well, it's gotta fall somewhere, right? And the burgers and brats were good anyway!
Great fish picture...LOL Big hugs, Finn