Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Early last spring, I proudly posted this picture of my Martha Washington geraniums. They did wonderful and we enjoyed them most of the summer. I watered faithfully, a must in the AZ never ending sunshine.

Come late summer, potted things just can not get enough moisture and die here. So when they start that process, I usually just let them go and replant the next spring. This one started looking really bad and I stopped watering. I ignored it for the next few fall and winter months...........not even taking the dead plant out of the pot like I normally would, so I didn't have to look at brown.

This reminds me of the Gloria Gaynor song from the 70's, "I Will Survive". We have had a very mild winter here and possibly this gets some moisture from the lawn sprinkler but.......goes to show what determination is, be it plant or animal. I was so shocked yesterday when I went out the door and was face to face with this wonderful bloom. So, not only did it survive the elements and owner neglect, it rose above all that and put out its most lovely flower. Talk about thumbing your nose at the world!

Looking at this, maybe there is hope for the economy if we all have the same stubborn determination that this lowly flower has shown.


Sue said...

Everytime I read one or your posts and then get a reply from my comments I find that we have more and more in common. I just love finding great friends with like interests on the internet. I would also like to find some nearby! I love geraniums. That one is a beauty.

Sara said...

That poor geranium, I hope i survives. I really like the squares in your last two posts. They look great!

Amelia said...

That was one determined plant...Of course you don't have the cold we have...but we don't have the het a trade off.

I saw green onion slips at Wal-Mart awhile ago...they wanted 3.50 per previous years we would normally pay around $1.00...don't know if this is a sign of the times with the price going so high...will certainly check at other places before we plant.

Kristie said...

Norma, I just can't wait to see that flower in a month of so! It is really coming out of it! Love you flowers!

Belvie said...

That geranium is beautiful!

Just start giving it a little TLC...water, fertilizer...and it will probably come back even better than last year because it has a developed root system.

Carol VR said...

With all the snow here I'd be elated to see that little green sprout up from beneath the snow....UURGGHHH!!!!