Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Broomstick Lace Afghan for Ryan

A few years ago, I made a broomstick lace afghan for a birthday gift for a close friend. She had just gotten a new couch so I made it to go with that. Her son was still living at home then and soon after her birthday, got sick with a really bad cold and spent his recovery days on that couch wrapped in her afghan. After he got well, he liked to watch TV, again wrapped in her afghan. The family jokingly started calling the afghan, "Ryan's blankie". My friend said she was forever finding it in his room rather than on the couch where it belonged.

I made the comment that well, I knew what to make him for a wedding gift anyway.

Fast forward, Ryan is now on his second enlistment in the Army, has spent almost a year in Japan and is now engaged to be married on July 4th. The wedding is in Vegas with just family, followed by casual reception at her parents house on July 18th.

They are doing their living room in cream and black, so the bride wanted a black afghan...........and Ryan is off doing Army things so couldn't ask him. So, I am working like crazy to keep my word and make Ryan his own "blankie."

I have done broom stick lace for years........this shows the big plastic pin that I use. I bought this in Germany when we were stationed there in the 70's. I have since found other needles but they are smaller, so this is my old stand by that I guard carefully. Never know when someone will need a "blankie" all their own.

Click here for directions for Broomstick Lace.


Amelia said...

Oh Norma, that is are hiding some of your talents from your friends. Ryan will be so pleased.

What will be the finished size? Do you use a special kind of yarn. Have you made many of these.

Yes, I am full of questions. That is all for this very minute.

Purple Pam said...

I did not know that you are a lacemaker, too. Your talents are boundless. I wish I lived close to you and I could come over and nag you into teaching me to make that lace. I tried it once, but did not achieve success, not at all!

♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin said...

that is beautiful. I have heard of broomstick lace but never given it a try.

Belvie said...

Oh my....that is just beautiful! That's going to be such a nice gift for the couple.

jovaliquilts said...

Congratulations on the wedding! Very cool looking afghan. Don't lose that needle!