Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home At Last!

Boy, you have got to watch this Flat Stanley guy. First, he takes his own sweet time going from Arizona to Canada, then he has a visit that my whole family is in awe of, takes a leisurely trip back home and brings a GIRLFRIEND with him!! The note that came with her said she was his Canadian cousin but.........he was way too happy to be traveling with a cousin!

Carol's daughter included this travel friend for Flat Stanley. Isn't she cute?

Dalton, Carol's son, drew this picture for the box. He does wonderful work!

Stanley returned home in a box full to the brim of great things from our friends to the North. The album was full of great pictures of his travels with Carol and her family. The Momma (DD) was taking the package to Colin's class today to share it with them. Colin was very excited that there were pencils for his classmates.

Thank you Carol, John, Dakota and Dalton for all your efforts in this. Bloggers are amazing people. Funny how you can reach out to folks and get very little response, then you have someone like Carol who volunteers and then goes way beyond what is expected. Friendship on the web is amazing. I am old enough to be Carol's mother. She found me through another Canadian blog I commented on, and a great friendship evolved.

On a "what is happening at my house" report, here are the first of the tomatoes! We had them sliced with salt and pepper the other night and they were so good. There are a lot more out back but the plants are in bad shape. Don't think the great white hunter and I will ever earn our farming badge! Cucumbers are doing well in spite of the heat. I am in hopes we will have lots of them for ice box pickles this year.

My great white hunter and I went yesterday and picked about 40 lbs of local peaches. That means I will be busy making jam and freezing peaches..........might fit a peach pie in there over the weekend.


Amelia said...

So glad that the traveling Stanley is back...and that wild guy picked up a lady friend along the way. Just can't trust these men. LOL

The tomatoes look so good...our plants are about 8 to 10 inches tall - but look so happy in the garden.

Our peach tree died of old age - so nothing from that tree any longer. We do have one on the fence line with the neighbor - but the peaches all froze - so drawing a blank there too. However, we still have some in the deep freeze - so I can still make peach cobblers.

Carol VR said...

No problem at all. It still amazes me that we crammed all that stuff into that box.

Can't wait to hear more from Colin and his classmates.

I sure do hope the chocolates didn't melt.

Rannyjean said...

Don't they always come back with someone else? I love it that Stanley came back with a girlfriend!
I am so hungry looking at those tomatoes.

Belvie said...

So glad to hear Flat Stanley made it home before school let out for the summer. Looks like lots of goodies there for the kids!

MMmm! Those tomatoes look good and so do the peaches.

Sue said...

So flat Stanley has a girlfriend! He is surely a "traveling man". A delight for the kids. I can't imagine tomatoes from your garden this early. Northern Alabama had a late winter and so much rain I haven't even planted my one Roma yet. That's all I need to supply me with enough tomatoes for all summer and to freeze. This country is wonderful to have the variety of seasons!

Jeanne said...

Love those tomatoes and peaches!

Granny Lyn said...

How wonderful of Carol and her family!! Flat Stanley must have made quite an impression on his hosts to come back with such a generous parting gift!

oh, I'm coveting your t'maters!!!

gwadzilla said...

Flat Stanley has a girlfriend?