Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kid's New Pet

Julia and Colin have a new friend, actually two new friends as they added a friend for this guy after reading that this type of rat did best in same sex pairs. OK, he came to our house to visit but will live at their house so they can have all that the Momma and the Daddy will allow. This guy is Zion, and the other one is Bryce. They named them for the parks they visited on their vacation to Utah, Colorado and New Mexico earlier this month. He is a rat but cute. Can a rat be cute?

My great white hunter and I are excited. The kids come tomorrow to spend their last two weeks before going off to school. It is just during the day but Papa is working nights again so it will be fun. A great way to end the summer for them, and a fun time for us. We will live in the pool and have a few other fun things planned.

Hope summer is going well for everyone. It has been a odd summer weather wise. June had record breaking low temps and July has been HOT. Not much monsoon rain but we are getting the humidity and the threatening storm stuff. Just three months to go............ugh!


Amelia said...

Rat is the way, are they going to breed?

Enjoy these next two weeks...keep your strength up!

Carol VR said...

We too are having unprecedented weather. I don't believe we've even seen a real summer yet.

Personally I hate humidity but I too would love to rid of the damp icky weather.

Keep in touch,

Teresa said...

Cute rat???? Hmm..I will take convincing on that one. Hope you have a wonderful end of the summer with the kids.

SueR said...

No! A rat cannot be cute! Long time ago, we had one move in, uninvited, and he lived under the kitchen cabinets for about three months in our rented house. We had to poison him to get rid of him. It got ugly!

In any case, have fun with the grands, and enjoy the rest of the summer. So far in July we have had 19 days of rain and we're about 10 degrees below normal. Weird weather is right!

Granny Lyn said...

Cute? Rat? let me think about that one! tee hee

Aren't the days with the kids the best of days? enjoy them, they go by soooo fast!

Purple Pam said...

My daughter had two pet rats, one nice and one mean. We got rid of the mean one. Have a great time with the grandchildren.

SueR said...

Hey Norma, just wanted to say hi. Hope you haven't fried out there in the summer heat. We're finally getting ours!