Monday, March 3, 2008

Enough is Enough!

I hereby pronounce the "de-clutter" thing, over and almost done! I have a huge pile of stuff ready for a garage sale this weekend. What does not sell, will go straight from our driveway in to the car for a trip to Good Will! I still have a few things to price and change to get from the bank but..............wheeeeeee, I did it!

Now the object is to keep things this way. I am trying, in all areas, to just buy what I need and will use NOW. No more buying because it was a good deal and I might need it someday. It is so nice to open a cupboard and NOT have something fall out on my head.

Now, that is not to say that I got rid of everything I needed to, but I see it as a work in progress. The first stage is done..........time to move on to the next one. As I find it, I ask if I really want to keep it and if the answer is anywhere near no, it is out of here.

A long the same lines, I have dealt with some personal issues that I felt were cluttering my life. No where near all the way with that one, but some positive steps in the right directions.

I can not believe that it is March and my New Year's resolutions are still hanging in there. That is a first for this lady!


Jeanne said...

Good for you, Norma! It must feel so good to have your home de-cluttered.
Wishing you success at your garage sale.

Amelia said...

Now are you the smart one for getting all that "clutter" ready for the garage sale. Heres hoping you make a lot of money...then you can save it, buy some fabric, or go out to eat, or perhaps take a trip.

As for the personal problems, we all have them..some we just have to accept them and try to work around them.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I so need to follow suit. I have from soup to nuts in my attic. It's just finding the time amongst everything else.