Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Memory Lane

Finn posts things that take me "way back" every so often. My great white hunter and I often spend weekend afternoons wandering through antique shops looking at things we remember from our childhood. There are mixed emotions with that, I love seeing things that were in our kitchen as I was growing up or things my grandmother had. Sometimes, I see things that we didn't have too! I enjoy this, but am firmly in the here and now. I just love the memories that some of these things bring back, amazed at how clear they are and how muddled what happened last week is.

When I was growing up, I don't think I ever laid my head down on a pillow case that didn't have beautiful embroidery work done on it. Our dish towels for the most part had embroidery done on them as well as dresser scarfs. It was just a part of life, my mother stitched and so did my grandmother. I learned how to stitch, did it for a while before I got married and moved on. I have done a lot of hand work but never went back to the stamped embroidery. Fast forward to about six months ago when I started seeing so many beautiful embroidery things on the blogs. I picked up my embroidery hoop! I need some practice getting my stitches even but I am really enjoying doing this again after all these years.

There are several blogs that I go to that feature the iron on transfers of years ago. They have become quite collectible, with their own history being recorded by some of these gals. They share as much as they can with in copyright laws for us to print out and trace for our stitching. I have a whole binder now of great patterns and find more all the time. Check out Stitchy Britches and
Vintage Transfers for some great ideas.

Here is my treasure trove that I found not long ago at a antique store. It was one of those things that I didn't know what or why, but for the price, I needed! They are all complete,like new and never cut. Someone bought them with good intentions and that is as far as it went. I understand completely!

I don't remember what I paid, but it was under $5 for a bag of four. Two of them have price tags from Woolworth for 33 cents. No idea what I will do with them but, they took me on my own stroll down memory lane.


Belvie said...

What a neat find. Why can't I ever find neat things like that??

Amelia said...

I tried embroidery years ago and was never very good at it. but at that time of my life I hopped from one thing to another. A close friend of mine has started cross stitch again after many years...so who knows I might try my hand at it again. I did do some just straight stitching that I needed on a quilt sbout 4 years ago and it turned out fair.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I too love antique shops. The remember when - always rings in the back of my head.

Katie said...

What special finds. There is something special about hand sewing of any kind. Embroidery is my favorite. Should we be worried about going back to our childhoods and the stitching we did then? Nope. Fun then and fun now.

Hazel said...

How I remember the embroidery dish towels and pillow cases ,thanks for the memories .

QuiltingFitzy said...

I always have a set or two of embroidered pillow case sets in progress.

Great gift...and great find!

Finn said...

Hi Norma, yes indeed! That IS a goodie bag!!
Lucky you finding those all uncut and everything.
They show up fairly often at the thrift stores, but rarely unopened and uncut...you found a treasure indeed. Hugs, Finn