Friday, March 7, 2008

Mailbox Goodies!

A while back I entered a contest on Stitchy Britches. She wanted folks to guess what brand transfer she had used in her new blog header. Just a few days before, I had been looking at all her transfers and I knew I had seen the kittens. So, went back and was able to tell her what brand......and the pattern number. So, I won some kind of prize for all the information. I hadn't received anything but then remembered that Steph lives in Australia! I figured my prize was on a very slow boat and didn't think much more about it. Today when I opened the mailbox.....there was my nice little packet of goodies, all the way from Down Under! What fun, thank you Steph.

There are three cute little things stamped and ready to stitch, some floss, some transfer copies and a sweet little needle cushion with a needle ready to go. She included a nice note also. There is a extra bonus she might not have thought of, an Australia postage stamp to show my grands!


Amelia said...

How thrilling...winning the contest. Are you going to embroider the items soon?

The will get a kick out of the stamp.

Belvie said...

Nice goodies to brighten your day. Isn't it also wonderful to have something small and ready to stitch without you having to do the prep.