Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Now I would like to tell you that I spent all day slaving over a hot oven to make this wonderful bread............but like the quilts from Finn, someone else did the work.

A few weeks ago, my door bell rang mid afternoon. Both the grand kids were here and they ran to the door, but just peaked out to see who was there. They thought it might be Mom coming to pick them up, but it was a girl with a basket, covered with a small quilt. We opened the door and she asked if we wanted to buy some bread. Kids were jumping up and down saying, "yes, yes" and I was awestruck at the beautiful loaves she had. So I bought a large loaf for $5 and we had a bread and butter snack. It was wonderful.

Then, later I got to thinking about what I had done. This is 2008 after all, people don't just eat whatever comes to their door. I thought about that girl, who was clean and well dressed, polite and friendly. Then,there were the loaves of bread. There was PRIDE in those loaves.........and I knew down deep that the kitchen it came from was no doubt cleaner than mine. She came again the next week and we set it up that she would deliver the wonderful stuff that we were all hooked on, every other week. Then DD and the kids decided they wanted a loaf for their house too, so we enlarged the order to two.............and today was bread day. Whoohoo! Who could ask for more, freshly baked, beautiful, great tasting bread, delivered to the door on every other Tuesday? (the second visit, the girl did tell me that they do have a licence and do bake in a commercial kitchen........but at that point, it really didn't matter at all, we were hooked.) Can't you just taste it?


Jeanne said...

I can almost smell the aroma! Sure looks delicious. Wish I lived on your street. *s*

Amelia said...

Norma, I think I could eat the whole loaf...with some butter and something to wash it down.

I have a bread machine and used it quite often - but with all the problems my DH has (health wise) we don't eat as much bread as we used to.


Belvie said...

Holy cow....that bread looks beautiful! If it tastes good and looks pretty...what more could a person ask for.

Lisa & Gerald said...

wow Looks yummy! boy hold me back! I would be making fresh Hot chicken sandwishes with that loaf yummy my favorite!

P.S Our camping trip was a week before Carol left for hers. We had a great time But glad to be back home!

jovaliquilts said...

Gorgeous loaves! But I know what you mean about being concerned when you don't know who baked it. How wonderful that you now get it every couple weeks!

Patty said...

That does look yummy!