Monday, July 7, 2008

Thank Heaven for the Port a Potty!

We are home from our RV adventure. Everything went well and we had a wonderful time. There was some rain but all in all, a successful trip. It was hard to come back to the heat and knowing that Monday morning meant life as usual.

As all Mom's and Grandma's know, when you travel with small children, what can happen will. Colin had tummy troubles all week the end of June. Julia was not feeling too well on Tuesday but there was no fever so we took her with us. To be honest, out of four adults involved, not one of us had the courage to tell her that she could not go on a trip that we have been planning for months. So, to explain my title.........she spent a lot of time in the RV bathroom on Wed and Thursday. Enough said but imagine being in the woods with one in that condition and no potty. Yeah...........

She did fine though, took a couple of naps and managed to perk up whenever there was something fun to do. We took them fishing. My great white hunter had bought them fishing poles last month and we stopped for worms and bobbers on the way. Now, neither had the patience required to actually sit and fish but, just by the shore there were all kinds of crawdads, so they spent quite a bit of time catching them. It was great fun and we crowned Julia as the "Crawdad Queen" because she got so good at putting her worm down and bringing them up!

The great white hunter took them to a site near where we camped to go horseback riding on Friday. I stayed at the camp to wait for the great white hunter son #2 and his wife plus DD and her husband. They had a great time!

We sat around waiting to see what the weather was going to do, and of course, it poured rain. Again, nice to have the RV to sit in while we read and played with the kids and DIL's dog, Bonnie. The great white hunter cooked steaks when the rain let up and we had a great Fourth of July dinner.

Here is a picture of one of the crawdads. Sure was ugly.

Here they are, getting ready to catch the big one. Too bad that it takes more than ten minutes of sitting still to catch a fish.

Now this part is a rant. While they were fishing and playing with the crawdads, I was walking around. I found this tiny cactus blooming in the middle of the rocky shore line of the lake. Wonderful, isn't it? Well, not more than three feet away from this beauty was a empty beer bottle. Someone had just threw it down when they got done and walked away. There was trash all around the lake, cans, water bottles, plastic bags, you name it. I would have carted some out but had nothing to put it in. Next time, I will take a garbage bag. My family believes that you leave the outdoors in better shape than you found it. So we pack out what we pack in and if need be, pack out what some other idiot left behind too. This was a beautiful lake with lots of folks enjoying it, why a few have to ruin it for us all is beyond me.


Carol VR said...

Glad to see your back in one piece. I too wouldn't have had the heart to say no to the little one. Dalton went into emerg this morning with a middle ear infection and had been throwing up a better part of the morning. He hates meds and we keep telling him it will be better than being sick when camping as we leve Friday. Fortunately John is off the next two weeks and so he was able to be home with Dalton.

Those crabby little things... do they bite??? EWWWW!!!!

Belvie said...

Love the picture of the great white hunter and the kids. They all look like they are having fun!

I totally agree with your rant. Back in the day when we camped, we always did like you...pack out what we pack in and leave nature clean. So many don't...they just toss it down because it is too much trouble to carry out. Wonder if they live in a pig pen at home????

Amelia said...

I agree with you and Belvie about people throwing their trash all over everywhere. Living in the country on a busy road we are constantly having trash to pick up. The other day i picked up a plastic bag and it had a dead mouse in it. I don't think the mouse crawled in and died...someone caught it and put it in the bag to throw along the road. Yes, if people dispose of their trash in public places they live like pigs in their houses. One of my biggest rants is the houses/yards along some of our country roads. We are fortunate to have our close neighbors who keep everything looking nice.

Glad you had fun and are back (even if it is hot).


Finn said...

Glad you are home again, and all is well that ends well *VBS* The pictures are beautiful...especially the cactus! The crawdad? not so much! Hugs, Finn

Teresa said...

That is a girl scout pledge too - leave the campsite better than it was when you got there. I just get so irate with people who litter. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, it sure looked like an ideal place to camp. I hope Julie is feeling better and than none of the rest of you caught that bug. Would be much better to have caught the "big one."

Granny Lyn said...

And a wonderful time was had by all!!!

Sounds like your weekend was a great as mine! And i soooooo agree with your rant!! I always try to have a plastic grocery bag with me or in the car for just such an occasion.

Purple Pam said...

Glad you are back safe and sound and had a good time, too. I love the picture of the cactus growing among the rocks.

Patty said...

People who leave their trash behind really piss me off. Earlier today, my mom and I were in her car and she saw two different women toss cigarettes out of their car windows. Not only is it littering but it's also dumb -- it's extremely hot here right now and perfect fire weather.

It sounds like you had a fun time on your trip!

Your recent posts had me Googling Cherry Ames and reading about the books for awhile one night. I kind of remember her. I read Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. I wish I still had them.