Monday, June 30, 2008

Best Laid Plans

We are packing up and heading out with the two grands for a little "camping" trip. Now if my Dad or FIL could see what we are calling "camping" they would both rise up from their graves and laugh at us. This trip is possible because before we put it in storage the last time, the great white hunter filled the gas tank with expensive but cheap compared to today's price gas.

Picture two aging grandparents and two extremely busy children. I might need more than a few days to recover from four days "vacation" Mom and Dad are coming up on Friday to retrieve their babies. Monday, they are leaving for a trip to Mexico to a fancy resort.

Here is a inside view.

Ever since the "nest" got empty, the great white hunter and I have had a retirement dream. We were going to buy a RV, and hit the road. Colorado is our home state and we want to spend time there in the summer when it is hot in AZ. I love and need the ocean, and California is just to the west. We want to see Alaska and Kentucky and on and on and on.

So, a couple of years ago, we bought the RV. The idea was to see how we liked it and to get all the kinks out BEFORE retirement. That was also BEFORE gas took it's rapid climb to outrageous. That was BEFORE the stock market took it's drop to outrageous. So, while we make the payment, pay monthly storage fees and insurance plus tags, retirement has been put on hold for at least a year. The "home on the road" sits in the storage lot because filling the gas tank is way expensive now.

I am not complaining, just whining a little. We are so blessed with good health and not suffering in any way. Just stating the facts how what you think at one time, sure doesn't mean that is the way it is going to happen. Goes to show that you are never to old to learn one of life's lessons.

The main plan was also to be able to have everything in place and just go at the drop of a hat. So why has it taken the great white hunter three days to fix things and get it ready to go? And why is it going to take me all day today and most of tomrrow to get all the stuff gathered up and stored away so we can go? Not as quick and easy as we thought either.


Carol VR said...

Wow, that's sure a step up from a tent trailer. I can only imagine the gas that sucker would consume.

Our way, it's amazing how many RV's, boats and leisure crafts are remaining parked due to the infalted cost of gas.

I sure hope it goes down soon.

Kristie said...

Wow! Your RV is super nice! Enjoy your time with the little ones.

If you come to the Eastern part of KY let me know...we live right by Yatesville lake, lots of camping, fishing, golf and other stuff.

Amelia said...

Now that is the type of camping I would tent for my bedroom.

I agree about the cost of gasoline required to operate one of these type motor homes would be very expensive. Will take a huge retirement check for that kind of travel...more than we bring in.

Have fun with the grand kiddos.

Be safe and stay cool.

Belvie said...

Hmmmm! Looks like a mansion on wheels to me. Brings back fun memories of camping with our kids. Or....maybe not....since all our camping was done in a tent....not even a pop up tent, but a REAL tent!!

I hope you guys do enjoy the camping trip. Have fun and forget about the price of gas for now!

Teresa said...

I so want a camper like that full of gas and a credit card to be paid by someone else to buy more gas, LOL.. Don't want much, huh? Hubby and I love to "camp" but our camper sits in the yard, totally useless until gas prices come down. Ours is just a trailer camper that we bought to see how much we would enjoy camping and we have sure enjoyed it. Planned on buying something like yours for retirement - but not sure that is going to happen now.

quiltmom said...

HI Norma,
What a gorgeous RV- it is like a mansion on wheels. I hope that you have a great time with your grand kids.
My parents were great campers when we were kids- we went in a tent and sleeping bags- They now have a truck with a fifth wheel. We tease my dad unmerciously about his new form of camping because he used to poke fun at others who had those fancy rigs. Its funny how we change our ways as we get older. I think your RV would be the only way to go camping now. I hope that the gas prices go down so that you get a chance to really enjoy the travelling.
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

Finn said...

It's a gorgeous setup Norma, and I think will make for wonderful memories.
As usual, life keeps happening while we are making our plans. Maybe the whole gas thing will go away soon!
Have a wonderful time...your package should be there about the time you get back. Hugs, Finn

Granny Lyn said...

Your rig is awesome!! is that two or three bump-outs? You're gonna have a wonderful time! And a flat cook top?? Heaven on wheels!

Check your favorite is cheaper to store it there, nowadays, the resorts are storing the rigs dirt cheap this year so you will not be forced to stay home!!! They have lost a lot of business this year, ours is only $5 a month. And it also saves TONS on gas...that is what we do, treat it like a cabin instead of traveling. Just a thought! It works for us!