Friday, June 6, 2008

Purple Bulls Eye?

Julia's rag rug is coming along. So far the plan is to finish the light stripe I am doing now, then another narrow dark and not sure where it will go from there. When she doesn't want to use it as a rug she can hang it on the wall and have target practice on a big purple bulls eye. That is really what it reminds me of. I need to go buy more fabric. These rugs take a LOT. I have no idea how much as I started with just some left overs and bits and pieces. Next time I will keep track so I will know when I start out. Too, I did this in solids rather than prints like I first thought, the prints are not the same color on the other side and the fabric gets twisted sometimes. I was afraid I would get a much more muted look that I was after. Did I mention how much I like doing this? Next..........a basket and some mug rugs. I hear my quilting things calling, calling...................


Kristie said...

I love it!!!! How wide are your strips? I bought some rolls of fabrics several years ago to make a rug, but just never did get around to doing it. If they are the right size, I will send them your way!!!

Amelia said...

Now this is crocheted, isn't it. I forgot when you made the first one. This one is looking great. What is the finishd size to be?

Have a fun weekend!


Finn said...

It's gorgeous Norma, and growing so fast! I think it does help to have the first one behind you. a person gains confidence as they go, and I think this one is just wonderful. They each can be beautiful in their own way. I love the scrappiness of the assorted fabrics the best, altho I've done one where I crocheted til one color ran out and then started the next..not a favorite tho.
And don't worry about meeting anyone expectations of being a "quilt" says RANDOM stitches, and these stitches qualify! Big hugs, Finn

Carol Van Rooy said...

Wow, you've definitely found an addiction you love.

You go girl!!!!