Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quilt Flash Back

I have said this is a quilting blog and I am a quilter. Read the past few posts and you would wonder "When"? Not much quilting going on in my house, I have been cooking and working on RAG RUGS. When my great white hunter son #2 gets excited about something new, his wife refers to it as his "latest obsession". Well, rag rugs are mine. Hope to get back to quilting soon, DD hopes so too as we bought fabric for her quilt a long time ago.

I have posted these pictures before but it was a long time ago and I don't think anyone was reading my blog then. This is the one I made to keep in our RV. It is extra heavy because of the muslin backing on the strips and just right for those cold camping nights.

Excuse all the junk in the picture..........the kids were here during the day then and I had toys in every nook and corner.

Good big sister that I am, I made this one for my sister. She is not fond of strip quilts but I wanted her to see how beautiful they could be. I have to admit, I had a horrible time parting with this one. It was truly a gift from the heart and some day I hope to make another one, just for me!


Amelia said...

Both are outstanding...don't worry about not always talking about quilting in each and every blog. By posting about other things in your life goes to show you are well rounded (not your figure)in displaying your talents...canning, rug making, flowers, etc.

We want to read and see all of what is happening in your home.

Amelia in very windy - tornado watch Oklahoma

Carol Van Rooy said...

I'm with Amelia, and pop by irregardless of content. Some of the best things I've picked up from blogs often have little relevance to their intended purpose, whether it be fantastic recipes, hints or a snip-it of humour.

Lord knows we can all use a good laugh now and again.

Katie said...

I remember the original quilt pic and enjoyed seeing it again. I too like everything you tell about. Got to have squirrel reports!

Belvie said...

Both of those strip quilts are lovely. I would have a hard time choosing my favorite because blue is my favorite color....but I really like scrappy quilts. I can see that scrappy one with one of your rag rugs at the bedside!!

I too enjoy reading about whatever you want to write about. My own blog is like yours....not much quilting in my writing at times.

jovaliquilts said...

You're an excellent big sister! It's amazing how different string quilts can look from each other. I love all of them!

Finn said...

Hi Norma, the strip quilts! I never notice things like the kids toys. I suppose from having the 5 kids, it seems like part of the normal picture...LOL
Don't fuss and worry about getting back to'll happen. I was on that "rug roll" for almost a year! And then I got back to the quilting, but I still crochet in the evening or while visiting with friends. Hugs, Finn

Granny Lyn said...

I don't blame you, it is gorgeous! Lucky little sister! The scrappy one, too, is awesome, just the right amount of scrappiness! I have never pieced with muslin, but I want to...too many projects in my head!