Thursday, June 12, 2008

Apples, Corn, Ice Cream and Paris Approval

The title sounds like a kids alphabet book but it is what is going on at my house this week.

A lady that works for the great white hunter brought these lovely apples from her tree to us last night. Now we go pick apples in Wickenburg and there are some down south but didn't know you could grow apples like this in the valley. They will make a great Father's Day apple pie as well as some microwave applesauce for the freezer. Colin and his daddy like Nana's cinnamon apple sauce as does the great white hunter. I am going to try a small batch with some Splenda this time too, for me.

Just outside of town is a huge sweet corn field. They sell the corn until July 4th. It is so sweet and good. We bought three dozen ears today, some is for our Father's Day/DIL's birthday family get together on Sunday and the rest I will blanch and freeze. Guess what my plans are for tonight.........but come Dec., wow, it is good to have that corn in the freezer.

Son #1 sent me a gift card for Mother's Day, and this is what I bought. It is something I have wanted for a while but just never got around to getting one. Think I will try some homemade vanilla ice cream to go with the pie. Anyone have a tried and true recipe for home made vanilla ice cream? Please if you do, send it my way. I have one that uses Splenda that I plan to try later but for the pie, think I want the real thing, sugar, cream and calories!

Now, Colin asked for the scrappy rug so I made it for him, need to be equal in my gifts so I am making the purple one for Julia. Do you think this is a request for one for Princess Paris? Wonder what color combo she would like? Think I could convince her to share one with me?


Carol Van Rooy said...

Does it come with recipes??? MMMMM, I wonder if you can make sherbert with it.

I once made raspberry sherbert when I was in 4-H. Ewwww, only my brother would eat it. I thought it tasted like play-doh.

Amelia said...

Umm good looking on the apples and the corn...good eating on both of them.

Now if you made a rug for Princess she would probably not want to sleep on it...if she is like my cats...they sleep where they shouldn't.

Good luck on your home made ice cream.

Have a great weekend...


Katie said...

I made my applesauce by adding the Splenda after the apples are done cooking and I'm taking it off the stove. We used to make a lot of home made ice cream. I'll try to find my favorite custard recipe and send it your way.

Teresa said...

I remember picking corn in my fathers garden, shucking it and then having a feast of fresh veggies from the garden for supper. Yum!

Finn said...

Hi Norma, Princess Paris looks so very comfortable on the rug for Julia....LOL. I think she'll settle for what ever you are working on...just like laying on quilt blocks.
Ebby has to test drive anything I'm working on...wonder if she sees it as competition???
The corn and apples look so yummy...wish I lived closer. Hope the Father's Day gathering was a happy one! Hugs, Finn