Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Will Bounty!

Friday afternoon, I was wishing that some of you could be with me in my local Good Will store. The last few times I have been there, there has been no 100% cotton fabric. I figured that the word was out and the local quilters had discovered what I had and were getting there before me. First, I check out the rack labeled "Material". That always gives me a chuckle because you don't hear fabric called "material" much anymore. There were several really nice big pieces of cotton but I thought it was priced rather high. I picked out about four that I really liked, went and got a basket and headed to the back for the bagged things.

On this wall, they have all kinds of things that are in bags. I have bought several bags and used the scraps in them for the rag rug. Every so often though, you will find folded pieces in bags that are as big as the ones on the rack. Friday the rack was full and one section was nothing but bags of folded fabric. I immediately threw then ALL in my basket. Then when I noticed that the basket was full, realization came to me that, no way could I justify buying all that fabric, even if it was a great deal. For one thing........where would I put it? For another, the budget just allows so much and we have a new Hobby Lobby store opening today close by and I planned a shopping trip there this week.

About this time was when I was wishing that I could "beam" several of you down in my Good Will store! I pushed all the bags to one end of the cart and looked at them one by one to see what the assortment was. They were bagged by color and you could tell which ones had good sized pieces, even though you could not tell how big. I knew I would use blue and pinks, red and purple..........and brights. At that point I had what I felt was my limit. I put the rest of the bags back on the shelf and took a couple of the large pieces back to the "Material" rack because at $3.99 a bag, these were a much better deal. This was good quality fabric, some of it was Joann's but there were several pieces, especially the fat quarters that were quilt shop quality.

So, when I got home, I sorted by size. One pile was "over a yard", then, "at least a yard", then, "good sized pieces" and "fat quarter size". In the end, I had over 45 yards of fabric, a pile of great sized pieces and 16 fat quarters..........and it cost $36. There were two, three yard lengths of the sky blue, enough for a backing. Sat. was their 50% off day and it would have been even better but I figured it would not be there by the time I got there and I had a good choice.

I was thinking how this was clearly someones stash. Several of the smaller pieces were clearly bought for, bricks, sky fabric. It was sorted by color and there was a good selection of color although no yellows or gold. (Maybe some one beat me to that package?) Why would anyone get rid of their stash? Then it dawned on me, you would get rid of your stash if you no longer could sew. So either the owner was either ill or no longer with us. That made me feel bad but then again, I was giving it a good, loving home!

Here is it, washed but not pressed...........and that is going to take a while!

This pile is the "at least a yard" and "good sized pieces".

Here are the 16 fat quarters.

And the great "over a yard" pile.

Last but not least, these are new at my house. For years and years, I hung my clothes out on the clothes line. I love the smell of clothes dried in the sun. Then I got a job and then I got.........LAZY! I have a lovely place to hang clothes and have decided to use it. Now we like our towels, t shirts and jeans dried in the machine but, everything else is going outside. If I time my laundry loads right, I can do two loads and just use the dryer once. Not going to save the world or make a huge difference in the electric bill but if we all make that one effort, it would add up. So, off to take the dried clothes off the clothes line.


Amelia said...

Oh I certainly don't need fabric - but wish I had been with you when you went really made off like a masked bandit. From the looks of the piles you got some fantastic looking patterns and colors.

Saving electricity any way you can helps the pocket book...

Enjoy your week.


Kristie said...

Oh, deals like that are very hard to pass up! Looks like you got some nice fabrics! I still need to mail your strips. Just haven't been to the post office.

Carol Van Rooy said...

Just for the thrifting, I love a good browse.

What a haul!!!

Just of recent we we're talking of putting a clothes line. John, who would always grimace at my parents hanging their clothes has finally given in. Problem, I'd like a straight line, his idea an umbrella type line. My parents had one like that for many years, I always felt you were suffocating to get to the inner clothes that always was dry first.

He's since suggested a retractable line. I kinda like the idea for a more formal look seeing as it would otherwise most likely upset my small backyard garden oasis.

Belvie said...

Lucky bird!! Wish I would have been there with I would have left a few bucks too. I enlarged your pics and you have some nice fabrics there. My thrift store never seems to have much fabric.

Wish I could have a clothes line and hang laundry outside. Silly Home Owners Assoc. rules that are actually part of each deed in my subdivision forbids outdoor clotheslines. I, however, push the envelope and put my folding drying rack out on the patio. Hey, it isn't a clothesline!!

Katie said...

Oh, what a find. Welcome back to the clothes line. Reminds me, I need to buy some more clothes pins. There was a day when neighbors talked over their clothes lines. Nice to know you are there on the other side of mine even if we are physically so far away.

Finn said...

Hi Norma, what a great day you had!! And it makes for great stash in enhancement without much $$$ spent.
Whether you quilt with it or use it in rugs, makes no difference. And by the way, I think it's wonderful that you are going to do a rug for DDIL...touches my heart! *VBS*
Lucky pirate you are! Hugs, Finn