Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jeep Parts

Last week, I happened to poke my head in the computer room when the great white hunter was busy on the computer. His wallet and credit card were out on the desk. He has been telling me that there were some parts he needed for his beloved Jeep and that he was going to order them. So, I said, "Oh, you are ordering your parts." He says, "Yep, ordering my parts." Later in the week, he said something about his package should be coming soon. So, when I got the mail yesterday, there was this small package, addressed to my great white hunter. I sent him a email at work and told him that his package came but I really didn't think it was Jeep parts. He called me and told me to open it...........and here are the parts. Not sure where he was planning on putting them in the Jeep but we decided they looked a lot better around Nana's neck! I am so spoiled by that man! (DD says that he was paving the way for major $$$$ Jeep parts!)

Now remember that we have not had any measurable moisture in the Valley of the Sun for a long, long time. Spring is a very dry time in AZ. Our monsoon season starts about now. Some years that has meant a lot of storms and rain, other years, not so much. I was really surprised yesterday afternoon when Colin and I came out of Target to see a pretty black sky to the east of us. Then when the great white hunter called to tell me to open the Jeep parts box, he said it was really raining where he works across town. Later in the evening, the sky got really odd, everything got still...........and next thing you know, this is what we saw. That is lots of rain on my front porch! It rained like crazy for a while, stopped and next thing I knew the sun was shinning and the sidewalk was dry. It must have been pure steam rising from the 111 degree heat we had before the storm. Life in AZ in the summer time.

NOTE: Carol asked why it wasn't raining in the entire picture? It is one of those things that you just assume people would know until someone asks. I took this picture standing in the doorframe of my front door looking out. The part between me and the "veil" of rain is covered with a roof and that is why the rain just stops.

To any of you who come here expecting quilting things, I am sorry but I am in a quilting slump. I am, however, much more than a quilter so I keep posting. Thanks for stopping by.


Carol VR said...

That rain picture has me wondering why it isn't raining in the entire picture??? You could almost draw a line as to where the rain has created a veil.

I love the jewelery. I too would be curious to know where they fit on the jeep.

Sheila in Ohio said...

Well, I think your paver design makes a great quilting idea! (Does that count?)

Amelia said...

Such a sweet husband to get you those two pieces of jewelery...can't tell from the picture what they are...I know that was some surprise.

Hot here in Oklahoma too...but not as hot as in your part of the USA. My DH put the soaker hoses on the garden has reached that point in the year and certainly don't want to lose the stuff in the garden. Oh by the way, the okra is starting to produce ...will have to do a picking in the morning.

I enjoy hearing about the other part of your life (the part aside from quilting) so just keep on posting about what ever is happening there.

QuiltingFitzy said...

WOW! Tell the great white hunter, "He done good!" They're beautiful.

We had lovely storms finally, both Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Gee, one could get used to it! Before we can tho, it will be gone.

Finn said...

What a lucky gal you are *VBS* That is just lovely jewelery from your GWH...gotta love Jeep parts!!
So sorry about your heat...I suppose all we can say is "it goes with the location", kind of like our -40 with wind chill in the winters of WI.
Stay cool and don't fret about quilting posts...hop over to the Blogthings site and take another quiz and post that!(Click on your "What Flower are you" logo). Big hugs from an overcast WI, Finn

Katie said...

What a pic of rain. I've never seen one like that before. Very interesting about different weather in our vast country. Keep posting about beauty. Quilt inspiration comes from many places.

Granny Lyn said...

I love stopping by, quilt stuff or not... 8-)

Your great white hunter has wonderful taste!! what are those stones?? (headlights?) tee hee

We are flooding here, well, just north of us about 75 miles. The roads are caving in and people are getting sent from their homes. I feel guilty to have a happy medium here in my little corner of the world.

and I missed you!

Purple Pam said...

That man is a keeper! Rain in AZ this time of year? That usually means flash floods! Stay high and dry. Watch out for the lightning storms!

Lisa & Gerald said...

I have heard about your cool blog from my sister Carol. She's always talking about ya ,and that yummy cobbler recipe OHMY it is so goood.She has made it 2 times for us. This time we had it in a bowl with Ice Cream.
Thank you for sharing that recipe with Carol!
I also love the new parts for the jeep!
Hope to see ya on my blog stop by and say HI!