Friday, October 24, 2008


I do think I could have hand quilted a nice sized table topper in the time it took me to blanket stitch around 32 burp cloths. The stitching really adds to them and takes them from a double piece of flannel sewn together to something nice.

So, I stitched away, having visions of a sweet baby on some one's shoulder with their tiny head resting on soft colorful flannel. I stopped the vision right there because we all know what often happens when a baby burps. Didn't want to think about what these are meant to catch! Anyway, Julia got to choose first for her teacher's twins, then the Mama picked out hers for the coworker gift and then we picked out six for the friends baby. That leaves our nephew's baby that no one has taken the time to let us know if it is a boy or girl. Then my sister tells me that her son is expecting in the stitching may go on and on. It is not in the AZ water folks, only three of these babies are local, one will be born in Portland, OR, one in CA and the other one in CO. The three local are folks I don't even know so I won't see the babies that use the burp cloths. Guess it is back to my vision of the sweet baby on someone's shoulder..............

I have fleece for a blanket for the friend's baby that I will hand blanket stitch around, the baby quilt to finish and two double flannel, no batting blankets to stitch for the teacher's babies. Good thing I like to do the blanket stitch.


Amelia said...

These are so cute...and will certainly come in handy for those Mothers with new babies.

I bet you felt like you could do this in your sleep...or was it during some of those nights when sleep did not come your way?

Have a great weekend

Carol VR said...

You are so right... the stitching really makes those pop.

Belvie said...

Those burp clothes look so pretty all neatly folded there. I can see there was many a stitch taken!

Tropical Screamer said...

what an accomplishment. And such beautiful work.

I'm going to need to practive for a project I have coming up. I know where to visit when the blanket stitching gets here.

Thanks for sharing the pics and the image. I can just smell that clean, baby head on those burp cloths.


Granny Lyn said...

how adorable!! and they look so comfy and cozy, and even if they are messed up with a burp or two, the more their washed, the better they'll feel!

32??? wow, you're good, you