Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I know that last post was long and rambling. I am really not obsessed with the copyright thing. I know that no one is going to put me in jail for my quickie baby quilt. But, I do have a lot of questions about the whole thing. Everyone just seems to ignore it and do whatever.

I don't sleep well, haven't for years now. The great white hunter and I went to bed at ten thirty every night for years and years. Right after the ten o'clock news where ever we were laying down our head in our many homes. Then about seven years ago, he was laid off from a major company. For almost 11 months, life didn't have quite as much structure to it. We had things to do but could still stay up if we wanted to. Somehow my sleep patterns got messed up and I have been up and down all night ever since. Add the fact that when he did find a job, it was working nights and weekends, then a second shift. So, you never quite know what will be going on at my house at three in the morning. I might be reading or listening to music, I work on what ever project I am working on, I play games on the computer and read blogs. I would clean house but the noise might wake up the great white hunter.

Then, after two or three nights of less sleep than I need, my body crashes and I sleep and sleep, then have a hard time getting up and functioning for awhile. My DR. and I have talked about this every visit but all the help she can give me is pills and they make it worse because I am groggy in the morning. So, I just go with it. Let me tell you, there is NOTHING on TV at three in the morning, just in case you wondered.

With all the bad news that is out there, and it seems with the economy and all, there is plenty of that, I got some great news yesterday, I won one of the granny bags from Granny Lyn! She and I were doing the rag rugs from Finn's blog at the same time, but she adapted the pattern to make very neat rag bags. How cool is that? Made my day completely yesterday and I even forgot about the copyright quilt police for a while! LOL Thank you from one old fat granny to another. I will post a picture when it arrives.


Purple Pam said...

I love your Christmas Tree countdown. I love Christmas. I love the fact that it comes around at the same time every year, not like other holidays that are placed on Mondays or Fridays to make it convenient for workers to have three day weekens. Not to say I do not enjoy the three day weekends, but I have often wondered when they are going to change the 4th of July, or New Years Day to fit the formula?

Carol VR said...

Congrats, can't wait till you put up the pic.

Amelia said...

I know those "no sleep" nights are no good. I have them from time to time...seems like for no good reason.

Congrats on your win...looking forward to the picture.

Teresa said...

Oh, I so look forward to retirement and I can stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning if I want sewing and then sleep in. I am tired of structure in my life - I want freedom! With that said, I do understand how bad sleeplessness can be. My husband is like that and gets up many times during the night at 1:30 or 2:30 and can not go back to sleep. Nothing has seemed to help him either, other than medication.

Jeanne said...

And I won the other bag! Aren't we lucky?

Lady of the Cloth said...

Another night owl, I haven't slept for years, it seams, I had insomnia after my first DH was lost at sea, understandable enough, but it rears it's ugly head again and again throughout the years, and it's been 30 of them. Do you notice when their is a full moon that sleep is more impossible than ever. I must be part
wolf, Love the cookie recipe, I'm going to try them tomorrow.