Monday, October 20, 2008

Elk 2 My great white hunters 0

The title tells the story. My great white hunters came home empty handed, well unless you count the mud that was on everything. It was cold and wet in Colorado but not cold enough to drive the elk out of the timber. They didn't see one or hear any shots. So, I am shopping the sales for meat to fill my nice clean defrosted freezer. Maybe next year..............

They were home a few days early so my great white hunter still had some vacation days left. He and I headed out for our favorite spot again, in the White Mountains. Just as we drive three hours to see and play in snow in the winter, we drive that same route to see autumn leaves. If you have ever lived where there are four seasons, you feel the need to at least experience fall and winter for a day every year. The leaves are not near as pretty this year as they have been in the past. We had a wet summer and that might explain it, plus it is still pretty warm for this time of year even in the higher elevations.

These pictures are taken just outside the road to the ski resort. There are big clumps of aspen trees all around this area.


Amelia said...

Too bad about the hunting grandaughter got a deer over the weekend...she went with her Dad (#1 son).

I bet you all had fun on your mini vacation...just getting away from the house can prove to be great.

Having everyone back home is wonderful too.

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the Americana pictures - just makes me want to sing America the Beautiful!

Carol VR said...

I guess I never suspected Arizona to have four seasons. Do you get snow????

debbie said...

We drove out west last fall. The mountains were beautiful.
The only elk we saw were at a elk ranch as we drove by.
My freezer is empty too! I keep trying to get dh to fix it! :)