Friday, April 3, 2009

Prize in the Mailbox

I read on Kristie's blog that her friend Lisa was having a give away for a lovely quilt. I just had to go see what it was all about and threw my hat in the ring. I didn't win the quilt but she sent out prizes to TWO others, and mine arrived the other day.

I have never had a Moda charm pack or any of the precut things they offer so this is fun. It is a selection of fabrics that I am not sure I would buy for myself but I love them. So I am looking at patterns and dreaming about what I can do with this lovely gift! I have got to say that it is so much fun to open that mail box and find a package in there that you don't know what it contains! Makes the rest of the day pretty special. Thanks again Miniature Quilter and Kristie for sending me to her friend's blog.

Chiclet quilt top is all done except to sew a few rows together........picture soon. Yeah! I was not sure it was going to happen with out the quilt police coming in and tying me down!


Kristie said...

Congrats to you! Such lovely fabrics! Lisa really is a very nice person. Can't wait to see your Chiclet quilt!

Amelia said...

Yea you were a winner...what fun!

Now what are you going to make with the Moda.

Chiclet quilt - the name is interesting - can hardly wait to see some photos.


Carol VR said...

Your not going to leave us hanging long are ya???

Oh and where or where in the world is Flat Stanley now??? We still haven't heard from him....sigh

Teresa said...

Congratulations on your win - now to see what you make with it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like it, love to see what you come up with!

julieQ said...

I am so glad for you...pretty, pretty!