Monday, April 20, 2009

Still Around

Where have I been? Good question! I have been right here but for some reason, could not think of much to say. Now for me that is a RARE thing!

I did some treasure shopping last week. These came from Half Priced Books. They are the wonderful Australian quilt magazines, "Patchwork and Quilting". Believe me when I say our quilting magazine publishers could learn something from the Australian sewing industry. They have such wonderful designs. Now these come under the heading of "oldie but goodie". They are 1998, 99 and 2000 issues but are complete with the very detailed center pull out section with patterns, directions and templates. I paid 50 cents a piece and have enjoyed them so much. Talk about eye candy, these are wonderful.

The Chiclet top is done, has been done for a while. I have said before that each quilt is a journey and this is no exception. I do love it though, each and every not so beautiful scrap of fabric was placed with love. Too, my quilt inspector, Princess Paris has given it her stamp of approval and what more do you need?

The tomatoes are growing so well, there are almost twenty on this one plant. We have had a cool spring and everything thrived. However, the big question is will they survive to make it to the dinner table. The problem with growing things here in the "Valley of the Sun", is that it gets hot really fast. So fast that the plants get major stressed and it just takes a few hours for the whole thing to die. I have stood and watched cucumbers just shrivel up and die from the heat. It is supposed to be 95 today and I think it is time to put the shade cloth on the top of the frames my great white hunter built this winter. Cross your fingers for my tomatoes please!

These are the white roses outside our front door. They are doing wonderful! They are not my favorite but were planted and mature when we bought the house so there they stay for now. I would be much happier with a blast of color there but you can't be unhappy with this mass of roses! I keep wondering why the people we bought the house from would plant white roses??? Must have been a good reason at the time.

This bush has little pink tea roses and is in the back yard. It was also here when we bought the house, along with two others. There were huge trees in our neighbors backyard just behind the fence and our flower beds were really shady and it was hard to keep things growing there. They cut down the trees to put in a swimming pool and things have done much better in our flower beds. I do miss those beautiful trees and the wall they put between the two houses.

Not feeling very productive here but apparently there has been activity in my life even though I was not writing about it.


Julie in the Barn said...

It's good to hear from you, Norma. I'm jealous of your tomato plants & the beautiful roses in bloom. Spring is just arriving in my neck of the woods. Snow may still occur so we don't plant until after Mother's Day.

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, those blossoms are such a treat to my winter-weary eyes! I absolutely LOVE those white roses, and I'm thinking maybe they are a funeral flower? I recieved roses for both of my babies.

That chicklet quilt is awesome!! have you kept track of how many aquares you have in that top?

Kristie said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I just love those fabrics! Looks like you baby loves it too!

I agree, the Australian quilt magazines are very nice! Seems like the few that I have looked at, I enjoy more than most of the ones that we have here!

Your garden looks so nice! Such beautiful flowers and those tomatoes make my mouth water! We just love eating Fried Green Tomatoes! My oldest could eat them until he gets sick!

Purple Pam said...

Your Chicklets quilt is great. I love all the scrappy fabrics and colors. I haven't sewn any more blocks for mine, but I have been cutting squares and triangles. Those blocks are easy to make, but take a lot of squares and triangles. I used up all the squares that I had cut for class. I thought I had cut enough for the quilt. Ha-Ha!

I am drooling over those gorgeious tomatoes. Wow!

Amelia said...

Oh Norma, that quilt ranks as one of the top ones I have seen posted on any blog...are you keeping it? Or will it go home with some one else later?

Looking at those flower and veggie pictures just makes me wish spring would have sprung a bit earlier. We are finally getting to the warmer I think we will be putting in our tomato plants tomorrow or the next day.

Finn said...

Hi Norma, what lovely tomatoes, and I do hope they make it all the way. I know the sun can be without mercy there in AZ. Beautiful roses too!
Your top is awesome, I personally know how much work those blocks are, as I used that pattern for Hailey's baby quilt. It will be just fine until you are ready for the next step. Hope spring is going well for you and that flat Stanley is having a good trip *VBS* Hugs, Finn

tango's trash & treasures said...

Oh I Love your Chicklet quilt!! I have the pattern, but haven't done anything with it yet!!
Wow on your tomatoes, I've got flowers. Hope to be enjoying them soon!
Glad your back!
Hugs Tango

jovaliquilts said...

Your chicklet top looks great! I have a quilt book with that quilt on the cover, and that's what made me pick up the book in the first place.