Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Rainbow

This is so me. Now, I would not choose those colors but the description of who I am is right on. Kind of scary.............What does it say about you?

Your rainbow is intensely shaded red, brown, and indigo.


What is says about you: You are a deep thinking person. You appreciate cities, technology, and other great things people have created. Friends count on you for being honest and insightful. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

I have chained myself to the sewing machine to finish the "Chiclet" quilt top. I got about 3/4 done and had to really fight the urge to move on to something else. What is with that? You would think being that close to a finish would be motivation to keep with it. I had a long talk with myself, have all the blocks done, and have it laid out on the floor to sew the rows together. Bonus is this has the border already on!


Amelia said...

Be like the little train...

"I think I can, I think I can, etc."

and that quilt will be finished in no time flat.

Carol VR said...

Your rainbow is strongly shaded red and green.

I'm red and green

What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Screen Door said...

I wouldn't have pictured you have the gal into high tech and cities....funny how those quizzes turn out...

Granny Lyn said...

High tech?? I would love to live low tech, but here I am on the puter and talking with you,,,

I can't wait to see the chicklet,,,done,,,come on, inspire me..tee hee