Monday, April 27, 2009

"Tuscan Sun"

In 2006 or maybe 2007, I bought a BOM quilt from Joann's called "Tuscan Sun". I remember really liking it and budgeting my coupons and a few of the Mama's (DD) to get it for less than the posted price. I was in the middle of something else at the time, so of course, packed it away and promptly forgot all about it. After cutting out all those 2 1/2" squares and the half square triangles for the Chiclet quilt, I thought it might be nice to sew something that is pre cut, plus not the same block over and over.

I dug in my overflowing sewing room closet and found the BOM's waiting patiently for me. first look at the picture on the top package made me wonder if that was really it? Did I really want/buy this quilt? Why??? It is not exactly made from colors that I would choose, and the lay out is not my usual traditional block. What in the world will I do with it when it is finished?

Do you think that while it sat smoldering in my closet that it changed into something different than what I bought? Did the colors redo themselves into something I don't recognize? Strange, now I understand when I read about quilter's saying that they find they don't like their older stash fabric. Something in the quilter changes but who knows what makes that happen. How can you love it enough to bring it home and then after you don't look at it for a while, your opinion of it changes? Guess the answer is use it while you still love it!

Anyway, here is block one and it is very subdued compared to some of the others. Hmmm, do you think it might grow on me again? I sure hope so because I have it, I paid quite a bit for it and I am making it. Not sure where we will go from there.

I would put a picture of block two on here except it is in pieces. After I had it all put together, carefully lining everything up, I discovered I had mixed up the two greens and had to take the whole thing apart again. Note to Norma, the pictures in the illustrations are TINY and it is not a good idea to try and sew at midnight!


Amelia said...

Norma, I bet the finished quilt will be very pretty...the single block is lonely...adding to it and you will probably see why you made the purchase.

However, on the other hand I have fabric in my stash that I am wondering why on earth did I purchase that pattern/color.

Win some - lose some.

Enjoy this new week.

Granny Lyn said...

I think the red in the block is going to be a beautiful contrast to the muted gold and green,,,you just wait, it will be gorgeous!

But, I also change my mind on some fabrics, too. Some do not take months, or years, some actually lose their appeal the minute I take them out of the bag in my sewing room..."What made me love this in the store?"

Am I the only one?

Purple Pam said...

I'll bet that quilt will be great once you finish it. I have fabrics I am not in love with anymore. Those are the ones I cut up into strips and squares for my "Bonnie Hunter bins", or to Community Quilts. After all, one person's trash is another person's treasure!

Belvie said...

I bet that quilt will turn out to be just lovely.

You know....we all have those fabrics that we think..."why did I buy that". I know I certainly do!

Seems you have some of that sewing mojo back...first the Chiclets a UFO from the closet. Keep up the good work!

Sue said...

The colors look terrific with your blog background! You gave me a much needed chuckle this morning while reading this post. It will be a beautiful quilt though. I have "over dyed" fabrics that don't appeal to me and get some great results.

♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin said...

I love the colors

Rose Marie said...

I have patterns earmarked to make and now when I browse through my magazines and see those patterns, I too have asked myself "why"? Over the course of the past few years, I have seen my tastes change from brights to pastels and civil war. Heck, I'm even doing hexagons! Once your blocks are all made up, you might find the "why" again. So far, I love those colours in your blocks.