Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Closet Treasures III

I am enjoying my visits to the WIPs in my closet. I am bad about finishing things though so I am making a list as I go. One day I WILL finish some of these quilts!!!

This one goes way back to when I first gave in to the quilt urge. For more years than I care to count, I kept saying that I wanted to make a quilt. I bought books and talked some more. Then got started and the closet collection was born. Its a block of the month from Joann's called, "Vintage Treasures". ( now how did they know it would become a *vintage* treasure in my closet??) DH and I happened to be in Joann's right after Christmas and they had it on clearance for 75% off. DH did the math and convinced a more frugal me to buy the entire thing. Then when we got home, he convinced me to buy another one so I have another complete set unopened somewhere in that same closet!

I know that some of my points don't match well and it is no way a great piecing job but it is really good for me at that time and I learned so much. Each block had great instructions and for the most parts were blocks that I would never in a 1000 years attempt on my own. (nor would I ever put some of these fabrics together).

For 75% off, I feel like I took a quilting class without a live teacher and what I learned about construction was invaluable. After working on this, I could look at a quilt and see the individual blocks. It is set on point and has a great border...........and just looking at it makes me want to finish it. So, someday............


Belvie said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have my share of "vintage treasures" in the closet too....only mine are still in the form of blocks and not a top like yours. I keep telling myself I can't start anything new until I finish some of those.

QuiltingFitzy said...

When I moved from OH to CA I cleaned out alot of my "treasures", *ahem*...they were NEVER going to get finished. Some charity benefitted from my donation to a quilting friend. I STILL have enough to keep me busy, lol.

Thanks for showing your "early" work, I never finished my first piece.