Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Monday!

I really didn't fall off the earth, just off doing other things.

DH and I have been shopping for a new couch for the family room. This involved several furniture stores, a couple of them required two trips, much discussion and we ordered the couch and love seat. It is not what we went for, not what we chose the first time but, we agreed on it and that is a good thing. Soon, after a little break from these furniture shopping ordeals, we will shop for tables and lamps.

I called to have a local charity pickup the old couch and they are coming tomorrow. Then I sat and looked at it and the chair and a half that matches and thought about how they had so much history in our family. They are just wood and fabrics but a great deal of family history has taken place on them.

This set was purchased after a major kitchen fire (paid for by insurance even). We really liked it, bought the tables to make due until we could find ones we liked better (and never did, of course.) In the last eight and a half years, this couch has been through a lot!

DD did her bed rest through the latter part of two pregnancies on that couch. Every morning, our son in law would bring her here to spend the day with us rather than home alone. On the second time, we could care for our grand daughter and she could be with Mom too. She also recovered from gall bladder surgery on that couch.

DH recovered from two surgeries, one knee and one carpal tunnel. He also spent a lot of time on that couch after being caught in a downsizing layoff. He looked extremely hard for a job but there were more than a few empty hours to fill when there was no job to go to every day.

I recovered from surgery on that couch, as well as spent many a sleepless night there with a major case of insomnia.

On the plus side, two grand babies were held, fed, changed, played with and slept on that couch. They grew to sit there and cuddle with us, read books and play. The cat loves to sleep under and on the couch. That couch and chair has held this family in good times and in bad. It was there on holidays to hold the family together in one place.

Poor couch, it has served this family well and tomorrow it is being cast out. Hopefully, someone will take it into a home from the charity thrift shop and let it support another family through good times and bad.


QuiltingFitzy said...

You need to take some pictures of it Norma, it's one of the family!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh yes, Noble Couch, thou true and faithful servant!