Thursday, August 23, 2007

Going In Circles or Closet Treasure II

Is there such a thing as blogger's block? I just haven't been able to think of anything lately that seemed revelant to post about. I haven't felt like quilting either so nothing new on that front to post about. I guess I could post a picture of my dirty ironing board cover like I saw on a blog but.......NAW! I have even had problems finding something to say for other blog comments. Now as much as I talk, this is scary!

Shelina has pictures of her denim circle quilt on her blog. I have one just like it hidden in that same closet as the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt in the last post. Oh, the WIP that closet holds/hides. Her quilt has batting and blue cotton centers. Mine is scrappy (of course) and does not have batting in the centers. It is way heavy for AZ use as it is without the batting. I plan to back it with flannel and use it when we go to the mountains.

It started out as a long term project. I lost a lot of weight and had some jeans that I decided to cut up for a quilt. I have short legs so didn't get a lot of circles, just enough to play with. Then my over six foot son brought me a stack of his old jeans. Now this guy has LONG legs so I ended up with lots of circles.........Need to put this on the "finish me please" list!


Long legged son

large closet

the good life!

Here are pictures of the two in progress large blocks, the circles ready for fabric centers and the piles of many, many circles waiting for my undivided attention.


QuiltingFitzy said...

What a cute project! It will be a great mountain quilt, I had collected jeans for years but finally put them IN THE GARBAGE. I knew I would never get around to doing something with them.

I understand the blogger block. I run hot and cold, I'm not the most exciting person in the world, and I'm not the prolific quilter I am in my mind, lol.

Passionate Quilter said...

Looks great! and it's a darn shame I didn't see these say, oh, 6 months ago when I decided I wasn't going to make a denim quilt! oh well, one less item on my 'to do' list! LOL