Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thank You

Thank you, everyone for the great birthday wishes. If you have to turn 60, it was a nice way to do it!

Another thank you to all of you for your great comments on the Chinese Coin black strips. It was helpful to hear what you thought, then look at the quilt from your view points. I still haven't decided what to do but plan a shopping trip to wander up and down the bolts of fabric and think it over! I will post pictures when I am get back to it. DH likes the purple and I trust his judgement on color. He helps me all the time match things up.

Quilting is still very much a learning process for me, especailly when it comes to colors. I did realize though, that the quilts I have stuck with and finished, have been ones where I did my own thing and didn't use a set pattern. Even if there was a pattern when I started, I changed something along the way. I have several BOM quilts from Joann's that I have bought over the years and they just sit there. Instead, I get ideas and go for it, change it, stress over it and redo, buy different fabric in the middle but in the end, I finish it! They are labors of love and all mine!


Good quilty friends

A good start for the grandkids for the new school year

Another year passed in good health


Lynda (Granny K) said...

That's what is so good about quilting and makes each quilt so individual! I'm sure that you will eventually come up with a layout that you are happy with, and then have such a feeling of satisfaction!

Katie said...

You got it. The fun is making a quilt your own. Quilting is a marvelous outlet for our hidden creativity. Sometimes it takes some time to get it out but that makes the end result all the more special. Looking forward to seeing your result.