Monday, August 6, 2007

A Girl Can Change Her Mind or That Is What Seam Rippers Are For

After being away from it for the weekend, I laid out the Chinese Coins quilt and decided that I definately do not like the black strips. They just make the hot colors seem so, well, HOT! DH says that when he looks at it, all he sees is the black strips and they overwhelm the colors. Now it takes a lot to overwhem all those colors!

Then there is the added thing about the cat and the quilt. I work really hard to keep the cat hair vaccumed up but, she is part of the family and she sheds. That hair is going to find a home on the quilt no matter what I do. So...........

I will be spending some quality (or is that quanity?) time with the seam ripper in the next couple of days. Gonna carefully undo what I have done. Anyone got a good idea for some black strips not to mention the black fabric I just bought to make more strips? Yuck!

Not sure what I will replace the black with. The green below is the fabric I bought for the quilt backing and there is more than enough to use for the strips. The purple is just a left over so if I go with it, I will need to buy more. Problems, problems but I think in the end I will be much happier with the end result.

Open to suggestions and ideas anyone might have!


Leah S said...

Odd problem. I like to use black a lot, but I find that it helps colors pop, not overwhelm.

A twist, what about a thin black strip (1" thick?) divided with a green or purple strip wider than the black, but of the same length? I hope that made sense.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I rather like the green. Have you tried folding your coin strips in half lengthwise and seeing how it would look if your coin strips were narrower than your filling strips? Just something to try, maybe.

Katie said...

Either color looks fine. Maybe the black would work if it were a different width. Play with different widths using all of the colors and see what you like. Playing is the fun part.

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Pam said...

Happy Birthday!!
Great story :))

I kind of like the purple strip. I always find if you ask for opinions you get as many different ones as people who comment - LOL

Quilt crazy said...

Have you thought about not using anything else and just making it all the bright colors? Or perhaps several more narrow strips of the fabrics you are already using?

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I like the purple. The black could work if the strips were thinner I think.