Monday, October 15, 2007

Julia's Quilt

My almost seven year old grand daughter spent last Thursday with us. She used to be here every day when Mom and Dad went to work but since she started first grade, my daughter takes her to school in the district where she works. They were out of school for fall break and Mom and little brother had a play date, so Julia came here for some Nana/Papa quality time.

She wanted to sew. She has done some hand stitching and is really good at it. She has a little toy sewing machine that she keeps here but we aren't too happy with it. So, Julia thought she might like to try to sew on my machine. She also thought she might like to have some of that Halloween fabric that Nana has been stockpiling this month for some unknown reason.

I cut some six inch strips, she matched what she wanted and pinned them together. Then she sat on my lap, I pushed the foot pedal and she guided the fabric. She was so afraid I would sew over a pin! I could feel her body tense whenever a pin got even close to the needle.

After they were sewed, I cut each two strip section into six inch widths. I let her try the cutter but that gave me a near heart attack so I did the cutting. Then she arranged them and pinned and we were back at the machine. We arranged the last time, pinned and sewed. It was a good thing we were done with the machine at this point because she was tired and I could feel her attention wandering.

After lunch, we sandwiched it, she helped pin it and then I tied it. Later that night I sewed the binding on. She was thrilled and so proud that she used Nana's machine.

Today my grandson, her brother, asked if I would make him one just like it!


QuiltingFitzy said...

This is just a wonderful memory, and you have pictures and a blog entry too, woo-hoo!

Thanks for taking some quality time with your Granddaughter!

Quilting Pirate said...

Nana's are wonderful for teaching quilting! She'll remember this day!

I love the halloween fabrics you have - too much fun!