Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Oct. 1!

Whoo hoo, its fall or getting there in the valley of the SUN! Today is overcast but the door is open and the window too.

Had a great weekend after the toe and water woes. The toe is no longer huge and purple but I have a bruise that covers a good 1/4th of my foot on that side. It"s a little sore today but then, I walked on it quite a bit this weekend. The water heater problem was with the timer we have on it. It jammed and there was no power going to the heater. DH fooled with it and its working but we may need a new timer box. That will be a much easier fix than the water heater. On the down side, today I need to do the things I would have done Friday except I used the "I don't have hot water" excuse! Ugh..............

Sat. night we went to the ASU Gammage theater to see "JERSEY BOYS." It's the story of the singing group "The Four Seasons" from the sixties and it was wonderful. It's music from beginning to end and of course, songs we loved. It is very well done and I highly recommend it if it comes your way.

Sunday we headed to Pinetop in the White Mts. to a quilt/antique show. It was a small show but I really enjoyed seeing the quilts. There weren't many vendors and what they had was way out of my price comfort zone but fun to look at just the same. Antique show was fun also.

I did come out of the quilt show feeling like I really have a long ways to go on my piecing. I don't stress a lot about things that are a little off and I guess I should...........but then my inner self tells me that is not the kind of quilter I am! I will never show a quilt, I make them for my family and to be used and abused. Still it is a skill and I should work on improving it, at least to the point that I am not miserable doing it. I was thrilled to see a quilt that was,
"gasp" TIED! I understood that you would never submit a TIED quilt to a show, that a
TIED quilt wasn't even a quilt in most show circles. To me a tied quilt is a real quilt, and ranks even higher than a machine quilted quilt because of the hand work involved. No disrespect to the machine quilter, just a history thing. What is your opinion?

So, got a lot to do today to make up for no hot water/can't clean Friday and Sat. morning and being gone all day Sunday. Where is the mop and bucket?

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Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hope the foot is better real soon. I'm totally with you on the subject of 'what makes a quilt'. Too much perfection makes me lose interest. Best of all, I like old quilts, made from scraps.
I don't take any notice of 'the quilt police' LOL!