Friday, September 28, 2007

Purple Toe, Two Water Woes and Dental Insurance Lows

I think we ought to have lights on the headboard of our beds that blink on and off bright red and say, "you might rethink getting up today because it is going to be one of THOSE days." We all have THOSE days and it would be nice to have the choice, do you really want to get up and face it? LOL

Mine really started yesterday when I dropped a carton of ice cream on my toe at the grocery store. I was comparing calorie and carb count between *no sugar added* and *fat free.* (I am diabetic, constantly trying to keep the pounds off and read labels on EVERYTHING!) The fat free slipped and came down hard on my little toe. I saw flashing lights and felt major pain. I did not swear but not sure how come, it was definitely one of those excusable moments when four letter words are the norm. I picked up the carton, put the sugar free in my cart and hobbled through the store finishing my shopping. By the time I got home, the pain was gone but the toe was twice its normal size. After a while I decided ice might be needed. It didn't bother me during the night but this morning is a nice fat purple toe.........looks like part of a Halloween prop. I don't think it is broken, just badly banged. I have broken this same toe twice before..........know the routine by now.

After deciding this morning that no, I was not headed to the dr for the toe, I opened the water bill that arrived yesterday. More swear words could have flown but actually I was speechless. Our water bill had more than doubled. (which when you live in the desert and have a pool, is high enough in Sept.) Talked to the water company lady and she said to check for a leak and check the reading on the meter. We did both and still have no idea why we supposedly used that much water. The water company was NO help either so I guess you pay was that cut and dried. (ha, ha, dried........for that much water, something was WET!)

Then went to do some kitchen clean up.............and we have no hot water. Which means a new water heater or a repair and soon please! (at this point I have been up about a hour).

Opened the letter from the dental insurance company about the crown replacement and filling that my dentist says I need. As best I can figure out, they only agree to pay for part of what the dentist said was covered. But then, the dentist called last week and said they wanted a xray so I went Tuesday for that. How they got the xray and mailed out a response so soon is beyond me so maybe this was something else??
Whatever, there is a big dental bill looming in my future.............

Mama said there would be days like this. Poor DH just braced himself every time I started to tell him something this morning. As for me, I am staying put today. Can't get a shoe on for starters and besides, I figure when things are going this good, its best not to press your luck too far! Makes you want to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies and sit down and eat more than a few, but that would send my blood sugar through the roof and I think I have enough problems right now. I'll just have some of that sugar free ice cream!


QuiltingFitzy said...

I am SO SORRY! Dang, those little toes get in the way ALL the time! Prop it up, ice it..and feel better soon please.

Weird on the water bill, yeah, I'd start looking for leaks too! Mine was actually a bit lower than last month. We have that automatic refill feature on the pool, I'm really afraid of the same dilema.

Leah S said...

Hope somebody isn't stealing your water. My parents were hit with a $2,000 water bill last summer. Yeah... for something that's normally $150!

The time frame happened to cover when I was there last summer and dyeing fabric with my mom. It crossed her mind that it might have been from all the fabric rinsing! But we were also gone for 4 days and asked the neighbor to watch our house. It's likely that he turned on the back property water connector and let it run down the hill for the 4 days. That, or somebody else helped themselves to our water. Either way... whopper bill and they couldn't get it disputed.

And I sympathize with the toe! I fight ingrowns and at times they can become so painful and swollen. Hope it feels better!