Friday, September 14, 2007

For Mom

My mother passed away three years ago today. It was somewhat unexpected in a way and then not really a surprise. Her death was surrounded by family and step family squabbles that in the end, completely split my remaining family apart. It was not a good time in more ways than one.

On a positive note, I quilt today because of Mom. She was always doing something of a handcraft nature. She did beautiful crochet work, she made some of our clothes when we were growing up. I volunteered her to make a banner for my Brownie troop when I was seven and she was not happy.......but she did it. We had a old Singer treadle sewing machine and I learned what little I know on it. I say that because I might piece quilts but that is where my sewing ability stops..........straight seams! She had four daughters and all of us do some type of handwork. It's who she was, it's who we are because of her.

I have a stack of quilt blocks that she made, the last time I saw her we talked about the quilt she wanted to make with them. Someday I hope to divide them and make several quilts for family members. Just have not been able to deal with it just yet.

I am a much different person that she was, I take after my paternal grandmother (who also did beautiful handwork). But the thing that has always made me happy and content in life was a gift from Mom and with this post I send my thanks upward her way.


QuiltingFitzy said...

You wrote a lovely tribute!

I know I am "my Mother's child" as I am nearly her clone. I clearly see pieces of myself in each of my daughters, my middle dd is my clone. Hmmm, I'm the middle girl too!

Memories of our Mother's will last our lifetime. We honor them by being the best we can be!

Katie said...

As you are doing, remember the good times. I think making something from her blocks for you and/or other family would be a wonderful tribute.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I lost my mom 30 years ago, but I still remember her daily with love and gratitude. I see her face every time I look in the mirror. My sister says I get more like her each day, and she can't stop watching me whenever we are together!