Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guess This Means He is a Big Boy.

My four year old grandson lost his first tooth today. It's been very loose and I have tried to talk him into letting me pull it without much success. We would get all ready and the minute he felt me tug on it, he would change his mind. So he ate lunch with this tooth just hanging by a thread. Later this afternoon he was playing and all of a sudden started laughing..........and came and handed me the tooth. It just fell out on its own. We made a big fuss over him and then he told me, "Guess that means I am a big boy now." I had to agree although my heart was not in it. He will always be my baby along with his sister. (and his mother and her two brothers).

I was there when all five came into this birth to the first three and observing (and praying hard) with the grands. And come to think of it, I was with all five when that first tooth came out........pulled several of them. I am so blessed!

It's been a hard week, my mother's birthday was the 11th and the anniversay of her death three years ago is this week. Losing his tooth made me realize that we need to focus on what might lie in the future rather than what might have been in the past. Those five babies I mentioned are her legacy in this world, along with quite a few others.

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Belvie said...

Time does march one doesn't it! I know the memories of your mom have to be a bit difficult, but isn't it wonderful to look for those common traits that she and your grandson share. You know her legacy lives on when you see those.