Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fall Table Topper or a Rebirth of Sorts

A couple of years ago I found someone's UFO in a antique shop. It is in no way a antique but a lot of what you find in today's shops isn't. It was a large log cabin block about 20 inches across plus a lot of cut strips and more odds and ends of fabric in assorted sizes. The colors were browns and rusts, very fall. The thing talked to me and said "take me home and finish me." (I saw in my mind all my UFO's some day in Goodwill because my children didn't have a clue what to do with all my WIP and assorted quilting "things". LOL) So, for $7 or $8, I bought it, planning to, of course, finish it someday.

When I got it home, I tried to sort out the strips according to size and found out that there was no consistant size. Some were torn and some cut and nothing was straight. The widths were different too. So, it was easy to see why this one was a UFO although the one block was nicely done. (either the person had help or it was from a class.............something went wrong somewhere that is for sure). So, put the strips in my strip bin and the fabric in my stash and forgot about it.

Then last week someone posted this Fall tabletopper on my Yahoo group. I went looking to see what I had that was fall fabric, and there was the already matched fabric just waiting.

So, to whoever might have started the log cabin block, please know that it has a new life. (and I think there is enough for more of the same if I want).

Here is what I have done so far. It needs the applique ironed down and stitched after I do the other two corners. I am debating that as it seems busy enough with just two..............going to sleep on it. Needs pressed too, but I am excited about the way it already looks on my table.


JoAnna said...

YOu should be excited! It's gorgeous. What a fun and interesting project. A very nice story.

Belvie said...

Oh, I like what you did there! Really looks "autumn". I like the applique on the 2 corners.

Tried replying to the your comment on my blog....and my message was returned...so I will say thanks for visiting and for your feel better wishes.

QuiltingFitzy said...

I love it! It's not feeling very fall-ish here yet...but I do keep waiting!

Katie said...

Looking sooo good.
Somtimes it just takes time to get the idea going. The applique is just right!