Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rant and Rave....Wal-Mart

If you are not into listening to some one stand on a box of fabric scraps and venting, you might want to forget this one.

I was in WalMart today looking for DMC embroidery thread to blanket stitch around the applique on my fall table topper. (I caved in and put it in all four is a bit much but without it, the blank corners looked too bare and I am not artistic enough to come up with something smaller to put there.)

They had thread, just a few assorted lonely colors in the big plastic turn tables that hold the thread by color..............on CLEARANCE for $.10 a skein. Only one of the colors I was looking for but I did grab some black and some Christmas type green along with a few others. I asked the clerk in the dept. if they were no long going to be carrying DMC thread and she said YES!! Can you believe it? She said it made no sense as it was a big seller and with all the hand works like knit, crochet and hand embroidery coming back into fashion, it made even less sense but that is how it was.

First some Walmarts did away with fabric depts., now they aren't going to carry a simple thing like DMC embroidery thread. They have a huge craft dept. with all sorts of weird stuff and no DMC? I think that Walmart is no longer a store for the people like it was started to be. Its a store for as much profit as you can make and to heck with the little guy.

I understand why the thread is going. To carry the 100's of colors takes a lot of inventory time and space. I think each skein was $.28 and even if you bought ten or twelve skeins, they maybe lost money. So out it goes and they will put something more trendy in its place.

I have heard a lot of people say they won't shop Walmart because of its policies. I won't go that far but I will spend less time in the fabric/craft dept. from now on.


Belvie said...

Their fabric dept. in this area carries what I call "gauze fabric". It is awful...coarse, lose weave. They use to have lots of the basics like muslin, osnaburg...but very little of that now. You are right, if it isn't a big money maker...out it goes! I'll have to check DMC thread to see what they have here.

QuiltingFitzy said...

I don't shop at WalMart for the food, it's pretty much gross in the veggie department. So if they're discontinuing the fabric and thread...there isn't much left for me to go back for!

Su Bee said...

Ugh - that's rotten. Money money money..... I gave up on the crafts dept of my local WM when they got rid of all the battings and muslins. DMC is 89 cents at the LQS, OK still not a big ticket item, but it bugs me that they're chasing business away. Good rant!

Julia Anne Henson said...

When Wal-mart opened with great craft, sewing and yarn etc. departments, the other smaller stores in the community closed. Now, Wal- mart has discontinued yard goods, a full line of yarn, EMBROIDERY THREAD, and other items that were not generating the profit expected according to the space allotted. During this forthcoming depression I believe Wal-mart should reconsider their present plan featuring part supplies, Holiday decorations, etc. I tried to buy some embroidery thread for home-made Christmas gifts -no longer available. None now for 40 miles.