Monday, February 18, 2008

Early Spring in AZ.

This is for Belvie and Finn and anyone else out there who is fighting the ice, snow and cold of winter. The great white hunter planted these today, he will do tomato plants out back tomorrow. The grands came over and we did our annual planting the cucumber and sunflower seeds. Julia planted another apple seed. Two years ago she did one and it did great but it died last summer. If we are to have these kinds of flowers here in the desert, got to have them now. When most of the country is having Spring, we are in the midst of over 100 degree temps already and they just fizzle!

Do you remember that tree I showed in December that was brown, yellow and gold? Well, just a few short weeks later and it is green and is in bloom. All those neat little white flowers will turn into nasty little round things that drop and make us call the tree bad names but, it's pretty now, don't you think?

When I was about six or seven and living in a mountain town in Colorado, there was a neighborhood grocery store just across the street from our house. I was allowed to freely go back and forth, life was safer and gentler then for a child. One day, my mother sent me to buy a lemon. I don't remember what it cost but as I was coming home with my lemon in hand, a lady walking down the street stopped me and asked about my lemon. I told her I had just bought it at the store. She asked me how much and I told her. (never mind I was talking to a complete stranger who was comfortable talking to a child on the street..........that is how it was in the mid 50's). She told me that where she lived, she had a lemon tree in her back yard and she could just pick lemons without going to the store. Then she gave me whatever coin it was that I had paid for my lemon. She said that way, it was like she had given me a lemon out of her own yard and to enjoy it. She went her merry way down the street and I ran home, thrilled because I knew my mother would let me keep the coin the lady gave me.

Now why after 50 some years, I still remember this, I have no idea but when I look out my kitchen window at my neighbor's lemon tree that hangs way over into our yard, I think about that lady. Of course, I can't find a child to do that for. Number one, kids don't just run to the store anymore. And number two, if I stopped a child on the street and gave them money, I would be sitting in a jail cell somewhere. Sad commentary on the life of a child in today's world.

Hope to have something quilty soon!

Please Blogger, fix spell check!! My spelling skills were never great but after using spell check for a while, they are even worse. So if it is mispelled, folks, just smile and do your best!


Suzan said...

Oh my goodness!~ That lemon tree is spectacular! I can't wait for spring here, however, I truly cannot take any kind of heat so living in Arizona would not work for me. My aunt and uncle moved out there a couple of years ago and love it.

Amelia said...

Oh - looking at those flowers and the blooms on the tree makes me so anxious for spring time. My jonquils (and a few tulips) are coming up. Later this year than last though. May have jonquil blooms in the next three weeks.

Enjoyed your "lemon" story. Boy, haven't the times changed...and sorry to say in a lot of things not for the good.

Beth said...

Our lemon tree just GROANS with lemons. Every year I'm convinced that the branches will break with all that weight! There used to be a lady who came by and took my lemons to juice for the freezer. Oh how I wish she would come back!

Belvie said...

Thank your DH for planting those lovely flowers. Makes me dream of spring since it is 4F at my house this morning!!

Oh my at all the lemons. I add lemon juice in lots of my cooking. Does your neighbor let you sneak a few to use for a nice, cool glass of lemonade?

My spell check doesn't work on blogger either!

Carol Van Rooy said...

That is way too cool. I wish we had lemon trees here.

Katie said...

100 degrees in February? Really? Nomal for this time of year here in FL is low 70's. Nice reflective story. How about a lemon pie? I'll take a piece, please.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Is it time to pick lemons?

I have ONE.

Oranges and grapefruit are yummy this year, and I have WAY, WAY too many.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I would love to grow lemons outside. They are expensive here in the UK. I know what you mean about being a child in the 50s. Children ran errands to the shop with a list and a purse of money, the shoplady gave you the items on the list, took the money from the purse and put the change in.

Finn said...

What a gorgeous lemon tree! The closest I've come to one is the song...LOL. Who was that....Harry Belafone, I think? Or maybe Peter, Paul and Mary?? I think I'm dating myself..LOL
It would be fun if you could do that for someone, but sadly I think those days of innocence are past now. Take care and enjoy the nice weather, Hugs, Finn