Thursday, February 14, 2008


Remember all those boxes of fabric I dug out of the closet to sort? After much moaning and groaning, I finally finished them and got them labeled and back in on the shelves. I still have some things I printed out to put in the binders I keep them on and some WIP that I need to get all together but it is looking better. I might even have a picture of the sewing table here soon. I know where it is now!


Amelia said...

Looking great!

I see you use masking tape...I sure is great for all sorts of things.

I have several large totes in the storage building that I need to sort thru - but that will have to wait until warm weather. You are inspiring me!

Kristie said...

Oh Norma, I'm jealous!!! I think I could go shopping in your closet!!

Katie said...

Congrats! I'll come shop in there. Job well done.

Belvie said...

Boy, you have been busy...and things look so neat and orderly!!