Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine for Fiona

Have you ever had someone give you a Christmas gift that you didn't expect? You don't have one for them and you stand there looking like a idiot. If you go get something and give it to them later, it is pretty clear that the reason you are giving to them is because they gave to you. It gets embarrassing for everyone at this point. Then when the one giving you the gift is a little one, you really feel bad.

I made Halloween bags for all the neighbor kids this year and beings I wasn't going to be home for trick or treat, Colin and I took them around to the houses. I don't know these people very well but they were so pleased that we thought of their little one that they both thanked me on seperate occasions. Christmas Eve they brought the little one over and she had a box of candy for us. And I stood there like the village idiot with nothing for her.

I have been waiting for Valentine's Day so I could do something for Fiona. Last night, I made this bag out of pre quilted fabric and today I filled it. The pocket has crayons, a memory card game and some stickers. The bag has a cute stuffed dog and a color book along with a box of candy hearts. I will let Colin deliver it when he is here tomorrow and hope that I have redeemed myself to that sweet little girl.

Then there is the issue of the fun I had making the bag and shopping to fill it, I am giving but I definately got a lot out of it for ME!


Kristie said...

Oh, I have been there too. It is no fun!!! I love the treat bag, such a great idea!!

Amelia said...

You are such a wonderful neighbor.Who knows, she may not have a set of grandparents close (in miles or otherwise) and you can be sort of stand in. Also Colin is getting the joy in giving too. I know what you mean about the pleasure in the sewing, shopping and filling.