Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Hope You Voted

Yesterday was election day for many. In the State of Arizona, people registered as INDEPENDENT for their party choice are not allowed to vote in the primary elections. So as a life long registered INDEPENDENT voter, I did not go to the polls.

It seems to me that not allowing people who do not choose a party the right to cast their vote goes very much against the "freedom to choose" that our great country was founded upon. No where does it say "freedom to choose, only if you choose a party." I will be allowed to vote in the regular election, however.

I was reading a discussion where people said you should claim a party just so you could vote. I don't think so! I do not wish to vote party affiliations, I want to just pick who I think is the best person for the job. Sounds simple enough for me.

Why have the great white hunter and I always been "Independent" voters? He comes from a bible belt Baptist Republican family and I came from a Irish Catholic Democrat family. We both found ourselves more interested in the canidates than party politics and decided to go our own way long ago. This is, the first state though that does not value our voice. Poo to you, AZ!

On a quilting/de-clutter front, I am sorting fabric. I will be sorting fabric for a while! I decided that the best way to clean the sewing room would be to just empty out the closet and re do the fabric boxes and some craft supplies, then work around the room.

I had all the fabric sorted by color and holiday but when I bought more, it didn't get put in the right box because they are so hard to get in and out of the closet because of the way I have things stacked in there. Hopefully, once I get them sorted it will make some space in both the closet and the room. One box of craft things I no longer use is going on the garage sale.

I need to get this room in shape so I can get back to sewing. Too, we have a friend coming to visit in April and she will need a bed to sleep in.......think I can make that deadline?


Amelia said...

I did vote!

For years I have voted for the person - not the party. This year is going to be a hard one though... too bad we couldn't take bits from each candidate and form a new person.

My sewing room also needs some fine tuning...may do that after finishing the sewing process of the current quilt.

Belvie said...

I voted too!

Looks like you have really gotten a start on cleaning that sewing room. I see some interesting things in that picture. Your room will be so nice when it is all organized...a pleasant place to go work on fun quilty things!

Quilting Pirate said...

I don't understand the voting system either - unfortunately being I'm registered as a Republican, I can only vote for a Republican. I know there are a few states that allow independent voters to vote, but Maryland isn't one either :(

I too might have friend coming in April....and my area looks a lot like yours...just take little steps to organize - I know how overwhelming it can be - and you will have plenty of time :D

Katie said...

How about being in two States, Michigan and Florida, that have disquilified the Democratic votes because they moved up their date to vote? I'd sure like to see all the States vote on the same date but that's not the political way to do it. It is amazing how each State has it's own way of doing things. I too consider myself an independent and always split my regular ballot.

Finn said...

Hi Norma, I see you've gotten the infection also....LOL. It does seem to be a daunting task doesn't it? I've wanted to pull everything off the shelves for ages, and just recently found the courage to do it.
I can't be sure but it does appear you have ALOT of fabric to deal with. Keep the faith, and also consider maybe bedraiser on that guest bed. Then you can slip the rubbermaid(or sweater box) size containers under it!
I'm so determinded to use up scrap that I'm actually leaving the folded fabrics IN the computer paper boxes and stacking them in the closet until I'm ready to look at their yardages again.
Wanted to tell you that you should pop over to my blog and see what became of that fabric you sent me at Christmas time *VBS* Big hugs, Finn

Jeanne said...

Okay, after seeing your fabric picture I feel much better about the condition of my sewing room. VBG