Monday, August 25, 2008

For the Momma

I finished the kids hand print quilts over the weekend. So at least I did ONE thing over the summer. They gave them to her yesterday, and everyone was pleased with the result. Now, if I can just keep the juices flowing here, I might do something else besides play Scrabble on the computer and read books.

It is a stormy night here in AZ. After several days of above average heat, it is wonderful to see the rain. It is coming up from the Gulf and Julio so will be this way for a couple of days. That is OK with me, did my grocery shopping tonight and will happily stay home and watch it rain.


Carol VR said...

I those big enough to cuddle with, or wall hangings.

I'm still partial to the purple.

Great job!!!!

Granny Lyn said...

How great is time home with the rain... and maybe some stitches??

I love the little quilts! they will be treasured forever!

Belvie said...

Way to go Norma! Those both turned out so cute. I know that your daughter will be so proud of them.

Amelia said...

The hand prints are so adorable...they are truly a memory you can touch.

Enjoy the change in the weather...I think I am ready for fall - or at least some cooler temps.

jovaliquilts said...

Those came out great!

Hmmm...maybe make a scrabble quilt?!?!

Rainma said...

I love the hand quilts, I may steal the idea for the grand kids Christmas gifts to their other grandparents. Do you mind? I knew you wouldn't. I loved the White Mountains when we lived in Arizona, it was always refreshing to leave the valley behind and pretend we never had to return! Thanks for the pics!