Saturday, August 30, 2008


I love this block. It is easy to do and so striking. I am not sure about mixing them up though. Not sure if it is my color mix or what but not as excited about the the end mix. Maybe more colors will help?

I saw a medium brown batik at Joann's that I love and think a quilt made with that and a lighter brown would be wonderful. I definitely plan to do one with just two colors.

As with all my quilts, it is a journey. This one might be more about color that I thought. Now the question is, what do I do with all these wonderful blocks if I decide it is a no go?


QuiltingFitzy said...

A table topper, a chair topper, a sofa topper, etc! Something for the trailer? A dolly quilt? Maybe it's a piece to practice handquilting?

I like 'em!

Amelia said...

Oh yes I think two colors would make a more striking effect...having a variety of colors seems to lose them to where they just look sort of muddled.

Figure these blocks as just experience - nothing more - nothing less.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable.

Hazel said...

Hello I'm new to this ring but just had to tell you I love your blocks and what could be better then good will finds .

Sheila in Ohio said...

I love the blocks in the first picture. I saw a quilt once with with the blocks set on point. Just beautiful.

Carol VR said...

Somewhere I have a similiar knitting pattern for these squares.

Belvie said...

I like those blocks just as you have them laid out in your top photo. I think they would make a pretty quilt using charcoal as a sashing or as an alternate block to set them on point. Definitely use them to make at least a table topper if you aren't going to make a quilt.