Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life Mysteries

While I have not done much quilting or stitching this summer, I don't want you to think I have been completely idle. I have, on occasion, put my book down or turned off the Scrabble game long enough to do some deep thinking. I even did some of that while waiting for the other person on Scrabble to figure out that there is NO two letter combination for the letter C.

Yesterday, I opened my cupboard and had plastic storage dishes and lids spill out. Enough was enough! I emptied it all out on the counter and decided two things. Number one, I had some really nasty looking plastic there that had been around way too long. Number two, there were a lot more lids than dishes. So, I began matching lids to dishes, putting aside the old stuff that I was throwing away. Hmmm, way more lids than dishes.

Then today I tackled the plastic thow-a-way dishes and lids in the upper cabinet. (you know, "Gladware".) Funny thing, there were dishes with no lids as well as extra lids.

Here is the pile of single dishes and lids who have no soul mate.

Which brings me to my question on the mysteries of life. How can this happen? I will say that no doubt, I saw a nasty dish and threw it away, and neglected to toss the lid too. Surely that didn't happen every time. If I gave away a left over, surely I put a lid on it and what went out the door was a complete set? If they returned the dish, (note the IF, these are my grown children I am talking about), I must have gotten a complete set back?

I guess I will add this to my other list of things that will be forever a mystery, like how can you put two socks in the washer and come out with one, or better yet, how the mate to the sock you threw away a year ago, suddenly appears. Then there is the lint in the belly button thing ....................

Needless to say, I need some plastic storage dishes that have lids. That is on the list for the next shopping trip, unless I decide that I like the neat and tidy cupboard better. The pile of wayward lids will go in my Goodwill donation. I bet there is someone out there with dishes and no lids.

Maybe I should stick to Scrabble?


Amelia said...

I think most of us have the same problem in our it happens is also a mystery to me. Several months ago I got tired of so many plastic dishes around in the cabinets...I just collected a large percentage of them and took them to the church kitchen. We can always use them there after the dinners to send food to shut ins. It seemed like I had enough plastic stuff I could have stored enough food to last a month for a family of 4.

I have no answer either on the missing sock problem...just always buy socks by the big bag so there will be another one that can be the new mate.

Have a great weekend...pondering these life mysteries.

Purple Pam said...

I have the missing bottoms to your tops at my house. I have more bottoms that do not match the tops. How does a top disappear without the bottom? With age, some of my Tupperware lids have become smaller than their bottoms. How come? Doesn't the top age the same amount of time that the bottom one does? They came in this house together. What happened?

Carol VR said...

The kids often scour for dishes to put evrything in (from marbles to lego) and don't always take a lid.

For this reason I have far more lids than dishes.

Perhaps they ought to invent dishes with retractable lids... sorta like the strung mittens in coats for little kids.

Belvie said...

LOL! I bet the kitchen gremlin took them. Glad to know this happens to other people too. A while ago, I decided to try eliminating as many plastics as I could from my kitchen. As they go by the wayside, I've been replacing them with pyrex custard cups.

Esteemarlu said...

I agree with this post.I got so tired of lids falling on me that I got angry, threw them away and got the stackable ones that are stacked on a lazy susan. I love that thing.No more falling lids.

harts4Him said...

I can give you a hint to where your dishes may be. I usually find mine underneath my teenaged boys beds. They take them from the fridge and reheat leftovers. They head to their beds and have a late night snack. Of course, they do this when I am asleep as they know I would have a fit. By the time I find them, they are DISGUSTING! Needless to say, when I find a lid in the dishwasher with no container, I head to their rooms to find them.