Friday, August 22, 2008

Still Kicking

I am still alive! I have found myself in the rather odd mood, for me anyway, of not having much to write about. Not even a rant in me lately. I am just enjoying a lazy summer here in AZ. Finished Colin's hand print quilt and working on Julia's a little at a time, reading lots of books and watching the Olympics on TV. I was worried about my lack of creative motivation for a while but lately, I am going with the flow. When the time is right, the spirit will move. That leaves boring blog posts but better than than pictures of messy closets

My great white hunter and I had a wonderful long weekend last week. We headed to the White Mountains and had a enjoyable mini vacation. Here he is trying to catch the big one.

Here is the reason why our trip to the lake was rather short. A storm was moving in when we got there and kept on coming. It rained quite a bit that evening. We are managing to get rained on every time we head out this year. It has been a wet summer and in our dry climate, that is a real blessing.


Finn said...

hi Norma, I'm doing the same thing...doing ok but not much to say. I finally managed to post today. Your mini vacation sounds and looks wonderful! Beautiful pictures of that area.
And I love the handprint projects...truly inspired I think! You're such a good Nana!!! Big hugs, Finn

Granny Lyn said...

I'm in the same boat with you and Finn, "nuttin much" going on here, either!

Love the pictures, tho! Wouldn't it be wonderful to live that vacation life?

Amelia said...

Add me to that list of not anything exciting to post about...just doctor appts, sewing some, quilting some, working in gardens (both flower and veggie) some...just kind of going with the flow of the day.

That fishing picture looked great. We have not fished a lot this summer...minnows are rather costly to buy for bait and it seems like we don't have as good of luck with artificial lures.

Have enjoyed the rain we had the last few days.

Have a great weekend.


Carol VR said...

Continue to keep in touch. I;m so behind I think I've even fallen behind on being behind.

You'll get your spunk back, and then we'll all have to watch out.

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Esteemarlu said...

What beautiful pictures. I had the pleasure of visiting your state this summer and I loved it.There are no words to describe the Grand Canyon. Just gorgeous.