Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today, according to the State of Colorado, I am 61 years old. According to my mother, who said she was THERE and should know about these things, I won't be that OLD until tomorrow. Hey, I will take a extra 24 hours of being just 60!

Confused? Here is my story, "Who Knows For Sure?"


Granny Lyn said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby! (sounds better with some body else singing it) Tomorrow you can have cake and ice cream again!!! Not everybody get two birthdays,,,

Actually, the same thing happened to my dad, he was born at home, and my grampa "went to town" the next week and gave the judge the wrong his actual BD was a day before the one on his birth cert.

How interesting that it happened more than once?

jovaliquilts said...

Happy birthday! I remember that we share having two birthdays, but yours is a much better story.

Gene Black said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I only have one birthday (pouts!) So does that mean you are 61 or is it (due to two a year) really 122. hehehee. I will hit a decade mark this year. Much like that detective show based in Hawaii, I will be Five -O at the end of September and qualify for "Silver Service" checking - aka senior citizen checking. Whee..discounts will be starting in respect to my advancing years. Didn't I pick a fine time to start quilting?
I am mostly self taught except for one class I took in foundation paper piecing.

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday for both days! Mine is also today and I am now 58. ACK! How did that happen?

Carol VR said...

61?!? And all this time I thought you were 16. Ya never know, you may very well have switched the numbers around on us.

Have a good one, and stay cool.

Amelia said...

Happy Birthday dear one,

How are you going to celebrae? A big night on the town...go out to eat, go dancing, see a movie, or what?

Enjoy your special day - be it the 6th or the 7th.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Norma. One of my granddaughter's celebrates two birthdays because of a mix up much like yours. But she is only 11 years old now. It was near midnight and the parents say they heard her crying before midnight so they told everyone that date. When they got the official certificate it said the next day. For a few years, they celebrated the date they knew was right but when she needed the official one, she discovered the problem. She just said she would celebrate both days. By the way I used a very official looking hospital birth certificate for everything including driver's and marriage license. Even got a passport with it. Only when I filed for my husband's SS benefits did they say that's not an official one and I had to send for a legal copy. Hope you had two very happy birthdays again this year.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Norma,
Happy Birthday to YOU!

...and many more!

Teresa said...

So do you get two birthday parties then? Double the pleasure double the fun? Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

I read you story and it reminded of my Grandma. She was born Jan. 1 1927 but her birth certifacate says that she was born Dec. 31 1926. She was born right after midnight and the nurse didn't know that so they got it wrong.