Friday, November 21, 2008

Blanket Stitch and More Blanket Stitch

I love to do blanket stitch around things. Over the past ten years or so, I have done a lot of it between the blankets and burp cloths I made for the grands, plus the appliqued sweat shirts I made to sell and the fleece blankets that I made for everyone and then some. It is wonderful mindless work and once I get going, very soothing for me to do. If I added up all the lengths I have done, I think we could have a blanket stitch line to California!

I have finished the two flannel blankets for Julia's teacher's expected twins. Think these plus some boy and girl pattern burp cloths will make a nice gift.

The Momma (DD) took Julia to pick out the flannel for the blankets. We were kind of disappointed with her choice as there is so much cute flannel print out here, but when they were put together, I think she made great choice. May have to start using her as color consult when the great white hunter is not available!

Here is the sweet little girl blanket.

This one is for the boy.

This is the fleece blanket for DD and SIL's school friend. He and his wife will be here from Portland for Thanksgiving and can take it home with them. They do not want "cutsie" baby items and we thought this was perfect. It is child like yet not blue, babyish print. There are 6 burp cloths to go with this to round out the gift.

I am working on a Christmas applique sweatshirt for Julia now, and then have a request for a new fleece blanket from Colin. Did I say I was done with the blanket stitch? Not anytime soon, apparently. Maybe we will have a blanket stitch line that runs BACK from California.


Amelia said...

Sometimes we need hand work that allows our mind to wander.
Back when I was mowing the lawn I do believe I solved all the world's probablems while riding the lawn mower. Now -it is usually when I am hand quilting.

The blankets are cute - especially the last one...that little figure is a cutie.

♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin said...

The blankets are really cute. Do they need to be tied too; like a quilt?

Teresa said...

love the monkeys!!!

Carol VR said...

Yep,I spy a blanket stitch approaching CANADA.

I love the monkey fabric!!!

jovaliquilts said...

These are so cute!! Perfect gifts for new babies.

Patty said...

That monkey fabric is cute! I love the blanket stitch too. But I never can start it so my first stitch looks like all the others. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Belvie said...

Those blankets are so nice. Color choices were good! DD here says to tell you that blanket stitch looks so even and perfect....and I agree with her.

Love the monkey fabric!

Finn said...

I think it's stitching no matter what if you are using a needle and some form of thread, yarn, etc.
Blanket stitch is a very favorite of mine, and altho I don't do much of it, I love the look. All the blankies are just gorgeous! You must have used up a ton of thread by now!! Hugs, Finn

Morah said...

Wow! You really do blanket stitch the way it's intended! Beautiful. Love the blankets